Airline Logos That We Love

Airline Logos That We Love

Travelers are never short of options whenever they want to book a flight.

Many times the determining factors that help us make a choice is usually the company that stands out from the crowd through effective branding.

This includes their own logo as well as Social Media logos they use as well.

Of course, there are other factors to consider such as price, quality of customer experience, reliability and availability, but with the competition being so tough, having one of the top air line logos is crucial for winning the hearts of the travelers.

If rankings were to be based on the airline logos alone, which companies would occupy the top spots? Read below to find the top ten airline logos loved by most people.



The Dubai-based airline is the largest in the Middle East and operates up to 3400 flights every week.

The original airline logo for Emirates was created by Negus & Negus.

It has gone a number of checks to the current one that features of the name “Emirates” written in sacred Arabic calligraphic letters.

It’s red color not only exudes passion and confidence of the airline but it’s also eye pleasing.

The logo is on a white background to display dignity and nobility.


Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines logo is also considered as one of the top airline logos in the world.

They are the 8th largest commercial airline in the United States and throughout its entire operations, it is yet to have a fatal accident.

Its logo consists of a human Pualani face as a representation of the security and safety of the airline.

It is organic and colorful in nature to exhibit the relaxed vacation atmosphere for the typical traveler to Hawaii.

This will make you appreciate even further that this is one of the top air line logos in the aviation industry.


American Airlines

American Airlines redesigned its logo in 2013, and it now features a more universal, contemporary and classic design.

The current logo, considered as one of the top airline logos, was a brave and a bold rebrand though the previous one was also very good and displayed a lot of pride and class.

The simple yet elegant logo seems to fit the company policy of offering quality, dependent and cheap services to their clients.


Gulf Air

Gulf Air is the primary airline of Bahrain, but with extensive operations in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

A British Pilot established the airline in 1942, but it took a profound shift in the 70s to reflect Middle Eastern background where it was looking forward to conquering the skies and in the process ending up with one of the top air line logos in the industry.

The current logo is a revision of the previous ones, and it has been designed to display elegance and culture of the airline.

The logo features a falcon ready to pounce on its prey with the name “Gulf Air” written in English and Arabic lettering.

It’s simple yet very pleasing to the eye.


Australian Airlines

Australian Airlines is no longer in operations, but its logo is considered as one of the top airline logos in the world.

The logo features a kangaroo, which is not just the national symbol for Australia, but also emphasized the qualities of skill and speed of the airline.



KLM is the leading airline in the Netherlands and the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name.

It’s logo consists of a stylish crown featuring four circles, a line and a plus symbol.

This is one of the top airline logos in the world because it is the most memorable logo in the entire flight industry.



Cessna is not an airline but rather a manufacturer of airplanes, and it has one of the sweetest logos, you will ever see in the aviation industry.

The logo is impeccably simple, using negative space intelligently to draw attention to the center of focus.

If Cessna was an airline, then it’s effective and visually compelling logo would make it to the list of the top airline logos.


Swiss Airlines

Until 2002, Swiss Airlines operated under the name SwissAir, but they rebranded and re-launched, featuring a logo that emphasized on the personal services, quality and the typical hospitality reminiscent of the Swiss.

The current logo features a tail fin with a Swiss cross on it with the word “SWISS” written next to it in red.

Being among the best airline logos, it is bold and distinctive with a dominant display of confidence.


Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways used to be Air Pacific until 2013 when the company rebranded.

The current logo is a simple, yet sophisticated and distinctive handcrafted logo that makes the airline stand out from the tough, corporate competition.


Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific closes our list of the top airline logos in the world.

The present logo is a result of a rebranding done in 1994.

The logo features a brush-washing symbol in a white calligraphy stroke against a green background to resemble the wing of a bird.

The logo looks so simple yet very attractive and effective that you will immediately recognize it if you had seen in before.

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