5 Unforgettable Brands With Awesome Logos

5 Unforgettable Brands with Awesome Logos

Most successful companies will reveal that behind their success, they had powerful logos. Such logos don’t just display a great prowess in design. Since they stick to the conscious mind, these logos end up becoming household names, thus increasing the brand awareness of the company. Here are some of the unforgettable companies with brand logos that enjoy enormous worldwide recognitions:


There is no way a list of the top brand logos can ever be compiled with the exclusion of Cola-Cola. It will be a show of significant and pure contempt to the huge success the world beverage company enjoys. Even though some of the top brands have embarked on a series of rebranding where sometimes the logos were significantly changed, the Coca-Cola logo hasn’t changed much since it was first used way back in 1887.

The swirly scripted logo is now part of our lives, and I’m yet to know of a country that doesn’t have this awesome drink on their shelves. For the next many years to come, we can expect that the great design of Frank Manson Robinson will not change since it has now reached the status of an icon.


In the sporting world, Nike is without a doubt one of the most famous and easily recognizable brand logos you will ever see. The Swoosh is not just elegant, but it is a display of quality sporting goods, hence its popularity in the sporting industry. Just to demonstrate the power of the Swoosh, the logo doesn’t even have the name of the company, but you will never doubt which company it belongs to.

It will surprise you to learn that the iconic logo was designed by a university student by the name Carolyn Davidson for only $35 in 1971. Back then, the company never knew about the immense success the logo would bring them, and it is said that they never liked in the first place. However, they have come to appreciate her contribution towards the creation of one of the best brand logos in history.


The first Apple logo was the creation of Steve Jobs and it depicted the discovery of gravity with an image of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree watching an apple falling. Though it is not apparent what Steve’s intention was, back then, was to make one of the awesome brand logos.

The apple, with a bite taken out of it, was a redesign of the initial logo done by Rob Janoff in 1976. The logo has undergone a few changes, transforming from the rainbow colored one to the current monochrome logo that has become synonymous with the products of the company. Seeing this symbol anywhere will always tell you what it is all about.


The Ferrari horse is icon amongst the driving enthusiasts, and it is one of the brand logos you will never fail to recognize whenever you see it. The proud Italian brand came into existence in 1929. But the logo can be traced back to 1923, when Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari used it on his racing car. Enzo was a fighter pilot who strangely used to have a horse thought to bring him good luck on his plane.

No wonder when he founded the company, he decided to use the horse, first due to personal attachment, then secondly, due to the drive and the power you could get from that machine. Enzo Ferrari is gone, but the logo will continue to be one of the unforgettable brand logos of all times.


It will also be unfair to exclude the McDonald’s logo among the memorable top brand logos in the world. It is not only the fact that they have been around for a relatively longer time but the attachment to the products and the emotions they invoke whenever one sees them is what qualifies it as one of the best brand logos.

It features a simple design of golden arches that were introduced back in 1962. It was a result of the inspiration by one of the company founders, Dick McDonald. The initial intention of the arches was that they would be introduced in the architecture of the restaurant as well. Today, the logo is one of the most recognizable in the world

There are other top brand logos worth mentioning. But these are the most famous and the most recognizable ones.

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