S3Stat.com Review: Is This Data Solution Service Worth Your Money?

S3Stat.com Review: Is This Data Solution Service Worth Your Money?

Are you wondering if the S3STAT.com service delivers all they claim it offers? Chances are you’re taking a halt now trying to search the internet for the most inexpensive yet big data solution that can offer you the easy tracking of the usage and analytics for your CloudFront and Amazon’s S3. This article provides you an independent review of S3STAT and all you need to know about the service so as to help you take an informed decision.

What Is It About?

S3STAT.com provides a data solution service that helps you track in a detail the server access logs stored in the Amazon’s CloudFront and Simple Storage Service (S3), and it also helps you render them in human readable statistics, reports and graphs.

What Makes S3STAT Awesome Service for You?

Discussing the good things about S3STAT is indisputably what I think influenced your decision to land on this page in the first instance and, as such, this article wouldn’t be complete without touching that aspect. There are quite a number of interesting or selling factors about this service and some of these are as follows:

Ease of Use: One thing that first captivated my mind about this solution is its provision of  a simple and secure setup (this is possible using their S3stat Secure Setup tool or Web Setup) which makes tracking usage of different app files easy while providing analytics for your CloudFront and Amazon’s S3 in a very easy to depict. With the help of this report and their intuitive dashboard, you can easily identify problems relating to the cost and performance of your data so as to bring down your hosting bills.

Excellent Customer Support: It will not be an overstatement to give this data solution service 5-star for the excellent and responsive customer service it offers.  S3STAT.com  team is really doing great in the aspect of making itself available to customer questions and complaints.

Features and Functionality: In terms of features and functionality, S3STAT.com provides the best tool that compliment CloudFront and AWS S3 in a number of ways. Starting with their intuitive dashboard, this offers you a number viewing varieties such as Overview, Referers, Files, Locations, Visitors / IPs, Error Pages, Browsers, Methods, Status Codes.  Each of these viewing options is easy to drill down and understand as they’re very intuitive. For example, in the overview, the top ten files are shown in a table format and this displays information about the file with respect to the Hits, filename, KB and Cost. The information doesn’t stop there and you can still drill down to get report relating to Hourly Traffic, Daily Traffic, and Traffic Sources including Total Traffic and Daily Average for Daily Unique Visitors, Files, and Referrers. And, more interestingly, you can analyze, share and export data you get from each of these metrics.

How Useful Is S3STAT?

S3STAT.com is useful in the following areas:

  • Tracking of your cloud usage with ease leveraging their detailed reports.
  • Providing you data analytics with the S3STAT.com simple setup utility.
  • Helping you with identifying performance and cost bottleneck through the provision of relevant information which will help you lower your hosting bills.
  • Ensuring utmost security of your data and reports.
  • Offering you the opportunity to share your reports with a personalized, time-limited, password protected link.

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My Final Thought

I think this is the best data solution for you if you’re looking for a service that offers value for money and a variety of interesting features and functionalities.  This is indeed the best pick for you when it comes to ease of use, cost effectiveness, excellent customer service support and the ability to analyze the logs generated by Amazon CloudFront leveraging the venerable Webalizer package.

Overall, this in my opinion meets every requirement for a pass mark. And, if you would like to give it a try, you can visit their link here. It’s free for 30 days.


Do you find my article helpful? Would you like to share your experience about S3STAT.com with us? We will be glad to hear from you.


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