How to Avoid Common WordPress Mistakes: WordPress mistakes

WordPress is an awesome blogging platform with exponential capabilities as a content management system. Ever since its launch, it has grown to be one of the most favorite CMS tools and it is currently powering over 23% of the websites on the internet.

The fact that it is intuitive and easy to use makes it favorable for even persons who have no knowledge of web design or coding. This, together with the fact that it is friendly to the search engines usually makes it the first choice platform for most people just getting into the world of web design.

You should, however, note that the ease of use of the platform is not a guarantee that every website making process will be smooth. It is upon the developer to adhere to strict web design practices and guidelines to ensure that they make the websites in the right way.

Related to this also, there are certain common mistakes that WordPress web designers are fond of making, and these ends up jeopardizing the quality of their works. Watching out for these mistakes and avoiding them makes the design process easier and leads to good stable WordPress websites. Use these tips to avoid the common WordPress mistakes to become more proficient in WordPress website design-:

Use a reliable web hosting company

Unless you are using the free hosting services provided by WordPress, you are likely to self-host your WordPress website. One of the common WordPress mistakes that people do is choosing the wrong host for their websites. The hosting company is of crucial importance to the operation of your website since they will determine the uptime of your site in the Internet.

You should always use reliable web hosting companies with little or no downtimes so that you are guaranteed that your website will be live for most of the times. The last thing you want is for your e-commerce website to go down when you are accepting orders because the sites are not hosted by a reliable hosting company.

Use updated themes and plugins

Themes and plugin help in extending the functionality of the core WordPress engine. They give you the ability to do more than what the base code of WordPress would have done. However, it is regrettable to note that the use of WordPress themes and plugins is a very common WordPress mistake being committed by even some of the experienced designers.

While using the themes, it is imperative that you use the most recent versions. Using outdated versions will hinder you from reaping the maximum potential and most importantly, outdated themes and plugins can provide backdoors for hackers and other malicious people who might want to hurt your website.

Make the website mobile friendly

Ever since the surge in growth of mobile traffic, it is important for every website to be mobile friendly. A mobile friendly website simply refers to a website that can render properly in mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets. The main reason for making your WordPress website mobile friendly is to take advantage of the immense mobile traffic for the growth of your website.

If the site can’t be accessed via the mobile devices, it implies that you will miss out on a huge chunk of the mobile traffic, and this will curtail the growth of your website. Be careful not to fall a victim of this common WordPress mistake.

Change the permalinks

One of the greatest advantages that WordPress have over the other CMS in the industry is its custom link structure. WordPress gives you the ability to do away with the default link structure to a more customizable one which is not only easily recognizable to human but also loved by the search engines. Changing the link structure is a breeze, but it is one of the common WordPress mistakes made by many people. Always be sure to change link structures for better search engine rankings which will ultimately lead to more traffic.

Back up your site regularly

With all the hackers on the Internet and the security loops available in WordPress, every site is vulnerable to getting hacked. To stay safe, you need to make it a habit of backing up your website on a regular basis. This is the only way to save time and valuable resources should you wake up one morning and find that someone has hacked your website. You can use backup features provided by your hosting company.

Alternatively, you can make use of backup plugins which will give you the ability to back automatically up your website on a regular basis. This is a common WordPress mistake that saves you a lot of time and pain when your site is hacked

Remove the default tagline

It is always disgusting to see a live website still showing the default WordPress tagline of “Just Another WordPress Site.” Avoid this common WordPress mistake by replacing it with your tagline.

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