Convey Trust In Logos – How to Create Credibility In Your Designs

Building Trust

In the real world setting, your chances of buying from a particular store will be greatly enhanced if the store was recommended to you by someone you trust. In the same manner, visitors who come to your website or visit your online stores are likely to develop some levels of trust when they see your logo.

Remember, the logo is the first point of contact that potential clients have with businesses, and if the logo can’t inspire them to trust the business or the company, then they are likely to change their minds and prefer stores whose logos can inspire trust. And since logos are so instrumental in creating credibility and trust, companies spend a lot of time and resources in coming up appropriate logos that will make them win the hearts of their followers on first appearance.

The results of such are always phenomenon as the business develops a large following of loyal customers who would buy their products at any time of the day to spur them into growth. If you are wondering how you can create the kind of logos to convey trust to your potential customers, consider the factors highlighted below.

The logo has to be credibility-based

Trust based logo design is pegged on the simple premises that when people or companies are credible, then they become more persuasive. The logo, which is always the source of the company message, should paint the company as knowledgeable and competent in the given field, while at the same time telling the potential audiences that the company is trustworthy so that it can appear more persuasive. It is the responsibility of the graphic designer to manipulate various design elements to create this perception of credibility about the company.

The logo should symbolize the company business as first step

It is not always easy to symbolize a business, but with the right design skills and techniques, it is possible to create the right image for the business from the logo. The essence of symbolizing the company business as first step in conveying trust is so that the potential clients don’t have to take long in trying to figure out what the business is all about. The symbol used for the logo should be a simple and a relevant one which the clients can easily recognize and relate to immediately.

If this is not the case, the potential clients are likely to spend a lot of time trying to make out the meaning of the logo, and in doing so, they are likely to lose trust in the business all together. Therefore, consider keenly the kinds of images or symbols used in the logo since they will be responsible for the ultimate success of the logo in conveying trust.

Proper use of colors to convey trust and credibility

Proper use of colors is imperative in designing a logo that will convey trust. Remember, proper understanding of the color psychology is a must for every designers who wants to create logos and designs that can evoke the right emotional responses from the target audiences. Since different colors portray different meanings and emotions, the right use of colors can make you convey trust immediately in the logo and the wrong choice of colors on the other hand may make people lose trust in the business.

The following is a brief overview of the meaning of various colors in design and how they can be used to convey trust in the logos-:

  • Blue – symbolizes cooling, calming, protecting, seriousness, boldness and authority.
  • Red – symbolizes strength, passion, love, vibrancy, power, vitality and excitement.
  • Black – symbolizes boldness, power, authority, corporate and classic
  • Brown – symbolizes nature, earth, home, leather, richness, wood, effectiveness, helpfulness and politeness
  • White – symbolize purity, contemporary, devotion, and sterile in the medical field
  • Purple – symbolizes high class, royalty, wealth, sophistication, luxury
  • Yellow – symbolizes warmth, happiness, sunshine, and cheer
  • Green – symbolizes fertility, health, freedom, calm, healing, tranquility and quiet.

Communicate the company’s trustworthy traits

The other way to make a logo convey trust to the customers is to design the logo is such a manner that it can communicate the company’s trustworthy traits. Achieving this may be a little bit tricky and it will necessitate the designer to use their skills on nonverbal communication to bring out the company traits effectively. The basis of the logo should be to communicate the desired traits of the company. All companies have different trustworthy traits and if these are clearly portrayed in the logo, then customers will have some trust in the brand. The traits will also depend on the industry and the nature of services or products offered. For instance, a bus company may have traits such as “professional and friendly”, web designers may portray themselves as “innovative and cutting edge” while a bank may have traits such as “stable and personalized service”.

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