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7 of the Biggest Legends of Logo Design

Legends of Logo Design

Every profession has its legends. These are people who achieved higher levels of mastery in their crafts and whose ingenuity is still felt in the world to this day. They became Picassos in their fields and helped to shape the industry with their contributions.

In this piece, we take a look at some of the best logo designers who ever lived and were considered as logo design legends. Some of them may be long gone, but their works make their memories alive amongst those who appreciate talent and mastery in graphics and logo design. They include the following:

Paul Rand

Paul Rand was a renowned American graphic designer who specialized in corporate logo creation and design. As a graphics designer, Paul Rand was already on his way to being among the logo legends by 1951 following a successful career as a designer of media promotion at Esquire-Coronet.

This was to be followed by other jobs within the art industry, and the success of his works saw him inducted into New York Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 1972. Some of the great logos created by this designer include the current IBM logo, American Broadcasting Company logo (ABC), Enron logo, and the UPS logo.

Milton Glaser

No mention of logo design legends will ever go without talking about Milton Glaser. Milton was born in 1929 in New York City, and he is one of the best logo designers the world will ever see. Milton’s most works feature a broad range of design disciplines including corporate logos, corporate identity programs, and corporate marketing materials, amongst others.

One of the most notable designs that put Milton on the list of the greatest logo designers is the I Love New York logo that he created for the state department of commerce. The popularity of this logo is immense, and it is the most frequently imitated logo design in history.

Saul Bass

Saul Bass is another name that makes it to our list of logo design legends. Saul has established a long and prolific career that not only saw him produce some of the best corporate logos of our times, but also made him one of the most influential designers who has inspired thousands of other young artists.

As far corporate logo design and branding is concerned, Saul was more of a design innovator. Some of his notable works include AT&T logo, American Airlines logo, United Way logo, Minolta logo and the Frontier Airlines logo created in 1978.

Walter Landor

If you have seen the FedEx logo, then you will appreciate the fact that its creator deserves a spot in the list of legend of logo designers. FedEx is one of the earlier logos whose use of negative space is well documented and has always been a major reference whenever discussions of negative space in design crop up.

But this is not the only show of mastery that Walter Landor has under his belt. The other great logo Walter boasts of is the peoplepc logo that has also received lots of acclamation due to its simplicity and elegance.

Tom Geismar and Ivan Chermayeff

Tom and Ivan are the designers of the famous Mobil logo, and they are also accredited for developing a complete corporate identification program with a continuing consultation of thirty five years. In the program, they outline the features and qualities of an effective corporate logo design, a clear policy for the use of colors, and a conclusive design approach that utilizes new graphics and new architecture for effective corporate branding. With their program, they provide ultimate solutions for vehicle branding, poster design, designs for print materials, and packaging and sign standards for every branding need in the world.

Bob Gill

Bob Gill deserves a spot against logo design legends because of his excellence in the craft and because, he has contributed immensely to the development of the industry by inspiring young talents to produce their best. He is heavily involved in the education side of logo design, and he has published some of the best books touching on important matters about graphics design. These include LogoMania, Graphic Design as a Second Language and he also runs a successful design studio with other partners in New York.

Wally Olins

A list of design legends cannot be complete without a mention of London born designer, Wally Olins. Wally is recognized as the world’s most experienced corporate identity and branding expert. His contributions to the design industry have seen him win or get nominations for some of the most honored awards in graphics design, including CBE Award in 1999, Prince Philip Designers Prize in the same year, and the Royal Society of Arts’ Bicentenary Medal. His works still remain very much alive.

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