Why You Should Avoid Over-Complicating Any Design

Why you should avoid over complicating any design

There are a number of big reasons why you should avoid overcomplicating a traditional logo design. Logos are designed to be simple and to follow basic rules. Adding too many touches or making a logo difficult to understand can only lead to issues when comes to representing your brand and for resonating with your target audience. An overcomplicated design can be bad for many different reasons and is something that every designer needs to avoid. Here are some of the top reasons why you should avoid overcomplicated any design:


With too many different typefaces for example or too much going on a logo this leads to a design that simply can’t be read or interpreted by anyone. Making sure that your design remains legible is extremely important. Without a logo that can be read quickly you could be missing out on a large number of followers and customers. Logos need to be designed in order to be seen a million times as well as read in just a few seconds. Over complicating designs with large text, too many typefaces or many different words that are uniquely shaped can be absolutely overwhelming. Rather than using this tactic spree for simplicity and simple readability. This is the best way to make sure that your message is received well.

Keep the length of lines short:

If you are writing any type of promotional content or forming a web design you need to make sure to keep all of your lines short and readable. Especially for landing pages and promotional content you need to make sure that the block text for any line only reaches around six words per line. This is comfortable for most people to read in a simple pass. Any of your print materials or print design should foll if ow this rule as blocks of a larger format will simply be ignored. If you really want to convey a message with your design you need to avoid all of the lines in your content and keep your design structured well and kept uniform.

Plan the order of messages:

When producing print material, a web design or even a logo design it’s very important to have a purposeful list of where to draw the customers eye. Making sure that the emphasis words are placed on top and actually planning at the order that you use for your text blocks and titles is extremely important to designing something that is simple. Really think about the way that you want to draw your readers eye and the type of information that you would like to present. If your design doesn’t follow any uniform pattern people are all going to read it and interpreted very differently. Rather than going with a design that is extremely complicated, always have a hierarchy and a planned order for your messages.

Work on your spacing:

Spacing in a logo design and spacing in all of the content on your webpages also extremely important. Dealing with spacing in text is an inevitability of design and without the appropriate word spacing between text and objects a page will just appear unprofessional. The easiest way to check your word spacing is to see if a lowercase “i” could fit between each of the word spaces in your logo or print text design. Also make sure that the alignment is correct for drawing the eye across text boxes. With many different text elements and graphic elements in a design you still need to focus on spacing. By introducing more and more of these objects into your design however it can make spacing an absolute nightmare.

Check a grid:

If you are designing anything in adobe indesign for example you can quickly check on a grid to see if all of the elements on your page are well aligned. Using this grid is one of the best ways that you can check the spacing between various text and image objects across the page. This invisible grid can be displayed in many different ways and help you to adjust everything from logos, to web design to print promotions. A grid is a great way to see if you have an overcomplicated design because it can help you to see if you have too many elements on page.

Stick to a palette:

Having a color palette and sticking to it is one of the biggest elements of preventing an overcomplicated design. With the help of a proper color palette you can stick to some color swatches through your entire logo designer webpage that will match up and be easy on the eyes. The big problem with using a number of different colors is that the content doesn’t appear uniform or easy to read.

Embrace space:

Many designers feel like they have to fill up white space in order to have a successful design. If almost every inch of white space gets filled up in the design process you can often end up with an overcomplicated design. Embrace blank space in your designs and use simplicity to share your message.


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