Cut the Clutter: How to Bring a Logo Design Back to Basics

Cut the Clutter: How to Bring a Logo Design Back to Basics

With the plethora of design tools and graphic design materials available, a lot of designers have found themselves lost deep in the mayhem of clutter. It happens when you attempt to create overly complicated designs that end up losing their purposes as branding tools.

Whereas it is important and encouraging to display your design prowess, you lose the initiative when your design fails to achieve its objective. But how can you, as the designer, cut the clutter and bring logo design back to the basics? Here is how:

Be thorough in your research

Before you sit down at your desk to implement a logo design, it is imperative that you do a thorough research to enable you gain useful insights regarding the logo you are just about to design. A lot of designers end up with complex and sophisticated logos simply because they bypassed the research stage hence they did not comprehend what was needed for that particular logo design.

Basic logo design requires that you gather as much information as possible about the industry you are designing a logo for, with great emphasis on the target audience and the competition likely to be faced. Your aim, therefore, as the logo designer is to come up with a simplistic yet effective design that will dwarf the competition and speak to the target audience in a language they understand. If you have a logo design principle in mind, then you will always avoid the clutter and have a ride downhill each time you are designing a logo.

Always be Original

Many designers in the present times have a higher propensity to lax in their creativity by imitating designs that are already in existence. This is driven by the need to make a quick back with total disregard for the industry’s ethical standards and the importance of giving unique designs to clients. It is guaranteed that you will always come up with a clutter design if you are unable to put your creative mind to use and come up with unique designs. Originality is a requirement for basic logo design, and you will never achieve it if you prefer to be a copy cat.

Careful Choice of Typefaces

Most logos that would have been great and appeared professional have been ruined by the wrong choice of fonts. Basic logo design requires that you be very vigilant with the fonts you choose to use in the design. Remember, the font chosen should act as a tone for the brand and reflect on the company’s vision.

With so many fonts to choose from, there may be a temptation to go for the most modern fonts or the breathtaking ones thinking that they will give the best results. However, whichever choice of fonts you go for, you must have two things in mind: the fonts must be simple and most of all, they must be legible. This is imperative in basic logo design because you desire people to see your logo, read it so as to understand the particular message you are trying to pass across.

Test the logo for effectiveness

For you to be successful in basic logo design, you have to test the logo for effectiveness before you can finally wrap up the process. Essentially, this implies that you should check if the logo will give satisfactory results when placed or viewed in different places. For instance, it should render well in printed materials such as the company’s letterheads the way it rendered in your computer screen.

Additionally, a good logo must be easy to print, scalable, distinct and memorable. Due to these attributes, therefore, the use of icons and symbols are highly encouraged for basic logo design as opposed to as opposed to using photographs that might lack in originality besides being blurred or pixilated.

Fads Will Come and Go, Avoid Trendy Looks

Basic logo design is based on solid principles and not graphic design trends that are here today and will be gone tomorrow. It simply implies that you should ground your logo design on the core principles and avoid the temptation to conform to the current trends. This is because trends come and go but principles will always remain.

As much as you want the logo to be fresh and appealing, remember that you wish to create a logo that will be effective and exude timeless elegance several years from today. Rather than trying to play the trend, therefore, stick to basic logo design that will remain appealing when the trends will be long gone.

Always work in Black and White Fast

Starting your design in black and white is another basic logo design concept that many people tend to miss. By starting your design in this manner, all you attention will be on the idea and not the aesthetics. You will have the clarity to bring all the important aspects of the design before you start splashing around colors.

Once you are content with the black and white design, you can then go ahead and add color to finalize the design. Mastering this basic logo design principle will save you from deviating and cluttering your design with things that will only end up hurting the effectiveness of your logo.


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