How to be Unique without Being Bizarre

How to be Unique without Being Bizarre

The current graphics design industry is full of what many professional designers have termed as “noise”. Many designers, especially the newly inducted ones, are in a hurry to complete unique designs, even if it means breaking all the design principles. With the superfluity of readily available design tools and a lot of learning materials, most designers have gotten it all wrong and ended up with designs that are purely bizarre.

This is when they refuse to follow the already laid down principles and try to be unique in all the wrong ways. However, it is good to experiment with your designs, provided that you don’t go overboard and ruin the whole design. Here is how you can be unique in this turbulent industry without necessarily churning out weird designs-:

Always be simple

If you want to be unique without being bizarre, then you will always strive to achieve simplicity in your designs. A beautiful logo isn’t one that has used seven fonts, five styles, and nine colors. When creating any graphic, it is important to have the ultimate goal in mind. A good graphic should be clear and have the ability to pass the central marketing message effectively to the target audience.

A glance at all the world major brands will reveal to you that they have very simple logos and simple marketing graphics. To confirm this, have a look at Coca-cola, Apple, IBM, Google to mention just a few.

Don’t Always Follow Trends

Never be a trend follower in graphics design if you want to avoid coming up with bizarre designs. If you are fond of following trends, you may find yourself with very weird designs that you implemented trying to conform to a fad. Instead, stick to basic principles of design, since these never change and your logo will be relevant years after the trend is long gone.

Less is always more

The less is always more concept has proven to be such a strong pillar in all the great designs you will ever come across. With this concept, you don’t have to include everything on the design you are working on. It suggests that you stick only to the core components of the design and keep away from the things that are likely to divert the viewer’s attention. Remember, you have a very small window of opportunity to grab the attention of the user with the design, and the more complicated your design is, the faster they will get distracted and fail to get the message your design is conveying.

Don’t overdo with the colors

Wrong use of the color palettes will make you produce bizarre graphic designs. It is imperative that as a graphic designer, you have a thorough understanding of the graphic design color theory so that you know which colors to use, when and how to use them.

Most of the weird designs are usually as a result of the designers trying to be overly creative with the colors. Hence, be careful with your use of colors if you want to be unique without being bizarre. Exercise a lot of moderation when dealing with the colors.

Never Copy

It goes without saying that your logo will always be bizarre if you become a copy cat and decide to imitate other designer’s works. Originality is one of the things that will make you as well as your designs unique. There are a plethora of places to get inspiration from and copying other people’s work should never cross your mind. It is not only unethical but also, it raises serious questions about your competency as a graphics designer. Therefore, stick to being original at all times and you will always end up with unique designs without producing bizarre designs.

Customized Designs

Every design project you undertake should always be customized to meet specific goals and also directed to a particular audience. By offering customized designs, you eliminate all chances of not being unique, which in most cases leads to unusual designs.

Understand the meaning of the design

If you are unable to explain in simple terms what the logo is all about, then there is no way you will avoid making bizarre designs. As the designer, you need to have a clear thought process in coming up with the design, so that you understand all symbols and their meanings. In this manner, you stand a better chance of bringing out the marketing message without causing any confusion to those who will be using or seeing the logo.

Use special effects sparingly

Overusing special effects is another reason many designers come up with bizarre designs. As much as you want to use the special effects to create a unique design, you must exercise sobriety, or else you end up ruining everything. As a rule of thumb, if you feel that your design must have special effects to be complete, then you have failed in the design. A good logo should look great without the addition of any special effects. However, if you must use such effects, then remember to use them sparingly.


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