Follow the KISS Method In Designing Logos (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Follow the KISS method for design (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

A simple design is exactly what many companies want nowadays and for good reason. Simple designs not only convey messages in a profound way but they seem to have a more lasting impact with audiences in design. More and more designers are asked for these kinds of designs almost every day and whether you are building promotional content or you need a new logo it’s always important to follow the KISS method in design. Here are some the top principles of how you can produce simple designs that can leave a very powerful impact.

Build less but make the message better:

Although it may seem like an impossible concept to produce less work with a stronger message, this is exactly what designers are asked to do almost every day with simple design. A good way to start is to begin with many different elements and then start to think of some the nonessentials of your design so that you can eventually end up with a purely simple product. Many designers are required to produce designs in their most simple form and this means stripping things away until you end up with a purely practical design with a strong message. Don’t be afraid if your final design ends up with lots of white space it’s possible to maximize your design format to figure out how to make the space work for you. When you consider minimalist designs, there is a lot of white space in these ads and logos but it’s all purposeful.

Portray honesty:

With a simple design message you can communicate the intent of a company or of advertising very honestly and with a clear message. Redirecting the eyes of the target market all over the place can often lead to a convoluted marketing message. Instead of including all of the tricks and flashy gimmicks that are sometimes used to draw someone to a brand or product, pick a clear message. Make this message honest and get rid of some of the extra statements/images that may destruct the main marketing effort. Pure honesty is the biggest attraction of a simple design.

Create a classic look for history:

Some of the greatest logo designs of our time are relatively simple in their construction. Keep this in mind throughout the design process and if the images that you are working on don’t seem to be something that could be labeled as iconic or classic, it could be time to adjust them. Of course no designer knows that they are working on a timeless logo or advertisement as they are working on them but unless you as a designer able to walk away from your creation proud of it, don’t give in. There are certain fundamentals that could turn your design into something classic or even historical. Don’t think of a simple design is being boring especially when it showcases something new in a simple format.

Focus less on overdone:

When many people think of designers they often think of over produced overdone logo designs. A modern designer creating simple logo designs can produce extremely beautiful content by simply assembling design elements in the best way forward. Rather than thinking of design as a process for creating a detailed piece of art or advertising, focus on what needs to be included in a design and work at placing the elements into the right positions as well as orienting them. Think of any simple design process is more of an assembly process than a creation process. Just like you build a good pizza, you know the ingredients that you have to put on it; but it is the placement that ensures a quality product.

Spend time being thorough:

Even if a simple design may look like something that could be created in just a few minutes there is nothing wrong with being thorough and taking some time to experiment. Taking the time to get a simple design correct is absolutely important. Many designers have it in their minds that a simple design should take less time and require less pot but this is quite the opposite. Keeping things simple usually leads to some more finicky work as well as a little more experimentation with the fundamental elements of any design. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to make these adjustments as you never know when an inspirational moment may strike with the orientation of simple design elements.

Make sure it is understood:

One of the main objectives of any simple design is to be instantly understood. The best logo designs and the best advertising designs don’t need any type of explanation. If you have spent hours or even days designing something you need to get some feedback and make sure that it resonates well with an audience. Just because a concept may seem approachable or easy to understand by your standards doesn’t necessarily make it an easy concept for somebody else.


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