5 Unforgettable Brand Logos

If you take a look at some of the most successful brands, you will find one thing common in all of them: they have distinct brand logos. This demonstrates the power of logos in branding as well as the ultimate success of a company or business. If a logo is simple, clear, and concise, it will be remembered easily by the customers. The long term effect of this is proper branding for the organization. Such a logo will also act as a unique identifier for the business which will set it apart and make it stand out from its competitors.

Other than the simplicity of such brand logos, you will also discover that their designs have been targeted for specific reasons and to a particular group of people. They use colors, symbols, shapes and typography to make the logos connect well with the targeted audience. This is based on the premises that branding can’t be successful if you try to target every Tom, Dick and Harry. Here is a look at some of the unforgettable brands with awesome logo designs. Whenever you see these logos, you will never fail to recognize which companies they belong to. This is the ultimate aim of marketing and branding.


Apple will always feature whenever there are discussions on the top brand logos in the world. The tech giant has received massive success in its history. This is not just because they were able to introduce cutting edge gadgets into the market. But, also they had a clear and distinct logo that helped in identifying their products anywhere in the world. The current logo was arrived at after iterations, with the initial one having been designed by one of the founders – Steve Jobs. The logo being used by the tech giant is a simple one in the form of an apple with a bite taken off. No other company in the whole world uses a logo similar to that, and this makes the apple logo to be distinct and very powerful for the branding needs of the business.


The Nike logo is the artwork of a talented designer by the name Carolyn Davidson. So powerful is the logo that the company is known more by the logo rather than by the name. Carolyn designed the logo way back in 1971 while she was a student at Portland State University. Even though the logo has undergone several revisions, it has never dropped the Swoosh which is the trademark. Its also the main identity of the leading sportswear and accessories manufacturer. One of the strongest features of the logo is its simplicity, and this has made it be one of the remarkable logos in the whole universe.


Google is another tech giant whose massive success has been attributed to amongst other things the use of a simple and memorable logo. The Google logo is a logotype, with only the name of the company and no other symbols whatsoever. For the company, the logo is not just a mere logo, but a representation of the impacts that the tech giant has had on the internet. The logo uses three primary colors and one secondary color. Thus creating a unique but memorable distinctiveness that has helped the company achieve the current levels of success it enjoys. Even having been redesigned recently, the logo has maintained it charm and effectiveness in promoting the brand of the company.


The Coca-Cola logo is another top brand logo in the world. The initial Coca-Cola logo was designed way back in 1887 by a designer known as Frank Manson Robinson. Little did he know that his humble design helps the company gain worldwide recognition and become one of the top beverage manufacturers in the universe. The logo has also undergone quite a number of revisions But it has always retained the swirly scripted fonts that have now become part of the lives of millions of people across the globe. Whenever you see the logo, you will always remember the sweet content present it the bottles. This demonstrates the power of a logo in branding because it has created a permanent reminder on the brains of the customers.


McDonald’s logo wraps up for us the list of unforgettable brand logos. It is one of the most popular logos, not just in the United States, but also in the entire world. Its a popular logo even in countries where McDonald’s does not have a formidable presence. The logo is a simple design featuring two golden arches. They actually turned out to be the hallmark of the entire design and the ultimate pivot for the marketing of the company. The logo’s design also uses a conspicuous yellow color. The color is known to trigger the feelings of hunger, hence, whenever you see the logo, the yummy bites from McDonald’s will always come to mind.

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