Tips for Designing the Culturally Best Logo Design

Logos are supposed to be used as visual id’s for the various organizations. They should act as unifying factors that bring all the people with common interests in the entity together. As such, every best logo design should be sensitive enough. Also, it should not appear in a manner likely to suggest that it is disrupting certain values cherished by other cultures. When this happens, the logo will set people against each other and lose one of its core purposes of bringing people together. In simple terms, a logo must be culturally appropriate so as not to appear abusive or suggestive in any manner.

An example of a logo that has been criticized and considered not to be a culturally best logo is the Blackhawk’s hockey team logo. The logo depicts American Indian tribal leader – Blackhawk. It is an Indian head wearing face paint and feathers. Many people believe that the team’s logo is no better than the Redskins. It has been criticized for a number of times for caricaturing the Native Americans. Due to all the criticisms, it is clear that the logo is not culturally appropriate as some cultures finds in a bit offensive. But how could this have been avoided so that the team can have a culturally appropriate logo that will be accepted by all cultures?

Consider the following tips to design a culturally best logo.

Wise Choice of Symbols

A bigger part of the controversy that usually mar logos considered not to be culturally appropriate usually lies in the symbols used. A culturally appropriate logo should not use or have symbols that other cultures might consider to be offensive. The Blackhawk logo that is considered culturally inappropriate. That’s because it features a head wearing feathers and face paint just like the American Indian tribal leader Blackhawk.

The choice of symbol for the logo, in this case, is very specific. It can be construed to have targeted the native Indian communities, even if it had pure and sincere intentions of doing so. It would be a good idea to use a more neutral symbol that might not appear offensive to other people. This is because the logo has been considered not to be culturally appropriate.

The Color Choice for the Best Logo

The color is always an integral part of every culture. Different countries and regions have colors to which they cherish and upon which they draw their inspirations from. To create a culturally appropriate logo, it would be prudent to choose the right colors that will be in tandem with the cultures of the target audience. Additionally, colors that might create controversy or which hold bad memories as far as the concerned culture should always be avoided at all costs.

Make use of Prominent Features

Using prominent features or landscapes in the logo design will make it appear more culturally appropriate. This contributes the proper choice of symbols in designing a culturally appropriate logo. This might include the use of geographical features such as lakes, mountains, rivers as well as native animals such as Bear, Kangaroo, etc.

When such features are used, it will be easy for the people to recognize easily. Also, it will be easy for people accept the logo because it contains features that they consider as part of their culture. An example of a logo that uses both a native animal and a natural feature is the Toblerone logo. Toblerone is a region in Switzerland, near Bern City and it is believed that this is the place where chocolate originated from.

The logo features the prominent Mount Matterhorn as well as a white bear. This is culturally appropriate since the mountain is native to the residents and nobody will ever find it to be culturally inappropriate.

Choice of Words

The choice of words is another important factor to consider when designing a culturally appropriate logo. The wording in the logo is especially important if you intend to have a tagline or name in one of the local dialects. The world is comprised of different ethnicities and dialects. Its important for you not to use wording which might be considered by another community as culturally inappropriate.

One word may make sense in one dialect but be totally offensive when seen by another community. Though such cases are rare, you should always be cautious, especially when you have to use the various dialects in the native languages in your designs.

Most logo designs in the present times will be considered culturally appropriate. But it still pays to be cautious and take the necessary precautions. This is to ensure that you don’t end up with a logo which will upset some people due to your choice of symbols, patterns, colors and wording. This is why you should take note of these four tips so that you culturally appropriate logos. This way you can also avoid being attacked for targeting a particular culture with your designs.

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