Logo Fails that are Super Hilarious

Logo Fails that are Super Hilarious

Marketing and branding experts all agree that a good logo design is one of the most important tools a business needs to market their products and services. As well as to grow their brands. A good logo won’t just provide an easy to recognize identity for the business. But also, it communicates who you are to your present and potential customers. This is why it is of utmost importance for every company to take the process of their logo design seriously so that they don’t end up with logo fails.

An effective logo should have the ability to grab the attention of the viewers so that the viewers can get the marketing message immediately. It should be appealing enough to make the target audience identify with it and get convinced to purchase the products or services of that business. It implies therefore that the logo should be highly targeted to the audience, and there should never be any doubts as to the message that the logo is trying to put across.

The target audience shouldn’t have to struggle to figure out what the logo is about. They also shouldn’t be able to derive a different meaning other than the intended one. If the can, the logo has lost its purpose and the designer needs to redesign the logo so it creates the right impression amongst the target audience.

Here is a look at some logo fails of all times. They didn’t just fail to pass the marketing message, but also they appeared hilarious, depicting lots of funny and sometimes obscene meanings.


Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission’s Logo

You can describe this logo as a simple black and white logo. In fact, you can see a priest with his white collar and a black gown. Being a logo for a youth commission, it did a great job to show the image of an elderly man trying to hold the hands of a young chap. However, the alignment of the elder and the young lad in the logo leaves more questions than answers. This makes it lose its meaning completely. One wonders how such a despicable design managed to win an award at the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles! For me, this is one of the hilarious logo fails of all times.

A-Style Logo

The other epic logo fail of all times is the A-Style logo. The A-Style came into existence before the clothing line started its operations. It was considered as a guerilla marketing tactics by the creator when he started attacking cities in Italy with stickers on a yellow background with the logo. This, later on, spread to other cities in Russia, Europe and United States and this was when people became curious about the exact design of the logo. For a designer’s point of view, it is a simple logo with very few colors. However, the manner in which the “A” is designed gives people the ideas of other styles other than the A-Style. This makes it one of the epic logo fails of all times.

Office of Government Commerce

This is an independent office of the Treasury. In its normal orientation, nothing seems to be wrong with the logo. But, when you shift it so that it is oriented vertically, you will agree that it is indeed a logo fail of all times. So profane is the interpretation of the logo that I lack the words to pen it here.

Arlington Pediatric Center

Arlington Pediatric Center’s logo is another terrible logo fail for a health care facility of its status. The choice of symbols for the logo is spot on as it shows an adult with a young child, both standing. Given that Arlington Pediatric Center cares for the health of the young ones, this was very appropriate. However, the manner in which the adult and the child were drawn appeared to be very suggestive. Arlington Pediatric Center seemed to have noticed their logo fail since the current logo on their website looks more appropriate.

Clinica Dental San Marcelino

This is another terrible logo fail that will leave you wondering who authorized its use and publication. The intention of the design was to depict a dentist inspecting the tooth of a patient on a dental couch or table. However, a look at the logo gives other ideas than the intended dentist-patient interaction. This makes it a classic logo fail of all times.

Locum Logo

Locum is a Swedish property management company. In the design of their logo, they used lowercase letter “L” and the heart sign in an attempt to write the name of the company, Locum. However, the design went south completely. It is not apparent from the design that the lowercase “L” is indeed an L or I. As a result, the logo reads completely different and shows nothing to suggest that it ought to have read “Locum.” It is a classic example of a hilarious logo fail.  We can’t show you the logo here but just google it – “Locum Logo Fail’


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