Tips For Becoming a Better Designer

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Tate Linden describes design as an opportunity to continue telling a story rather than a chance to sum up everything. If these words were to hold any iota of truth, then it implies that as a designer, you must continuously work on improving your skills and design prowess so that every design you churn out will always be better than the previous one. It is this kind of growth and progress that will give you the motivation to continue working on your craft so that you can get the chance to become the Picasso of our times.

But amidst the current information overload and the superfluity of design methods and techniques, how can you maintain your focus and become a better designer? The tips highlighted below will give you useful insights on how you can achieve this-:

Learn a new skill or technique

The design industry is such a robust and dynamic field with lots of skills and techniques coming up on a regular basis. Without learning about the new skills and techniques, you will be restricted to using the old methods and these might limit your levels of creativity as well as your ability to become more productive. The new tools and techniques are adopted so that designers can have the ability to produce high quality outputs within reasonable amounts of time.

Therefore, the first secret to being a better designer is to ensure that you can deploy various skills and techniques in your designs. In this manner, you will always have a tool or technique for each project and this will make your life much easier as a designer.

The beauty about learning a new skill or technique in design is that there are various ways you can do it at the present times. You can decide to go back to college or take advantage of the internet and attend one of the many design classes online. Besides, the internet also has lots of resources at your disposal which you can use for free to add new techniques and skill sets to your design toolbox.

Become proficient in how to use the grid

One of the most difficult and excruciating tasks is building the right layout for designs, whether for web or print. The use of grid provides an instant solution to this problem. It is, however, regrettable to see the number of designers who are pathetic when it comes to the use of grids. Unless you can have the right layouts, there is no way you will ever manage to come up with great designs.

It, therefore, goes without saying that if you want to become a better designer, it is imperative that you become proficient in the use of the grid. You should have in mind that using the grid in design is a skill that can be gained through constant practice. Therefore, dedicate some time and increase your practice on using the grid and once you learn the skill, coming up with layouts will always be a breeze to you, and this will enhance your proficiency as a designer.

Take advantage of technology for better font choices

Font choice is an import aspect of every design project. This is because the type of font you choose will not just dictate the choice of other design elements but also will tell whether your design will be a miss or a hit.

Most people have font libraries within their computers, and these are the ones they turn to whenever they are working on a new project. Whereas it is a good idea to have such a library handy for your use, it is pretty limiting given that there are more fonts you can access to increase your variety.

To become a better designer, therefore, make good use of technology to help you find the better fonts for your designs. For instance, you can use tools like to help you figure out the most appropriate fonts to use in your designs. Such tools won’t just save you the time, but will increase your chances of getting the fonts right in most of the cases thus making you have better and high quality designs.

Strive to make your designs tells a story

To become a better designer, you must learn to create designs that are less decoration but more communication. A designer can only become great when they can create designs that will send specific messages and get a point across rather than create nice looking graphics. For you to become a better designer and have the versatility to create designs that will tell stories, you have to practice and be willing to learn.

A good place to understand how you can apply these in your designs is to study various advertising techniques. In this way, you will learn how to use metaphors, analogies as well as other creative tools that will give you the power to come up with convincing and persuasive designs.

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