How to Make a Cover Letter as a Graphic Designer

Landing a job as a graphics designer is never an easy task. The cover letter is one of the most important application packets you will need when applying for a position as a graphic designer. It is regrettable to notice how lots of graphics designers don’t take seriously the manner in which they do their cover letters. As a result, the majority of them are unable to secure lucrative positions not because they lack the skills and the competency, but because their graphic design cover letter was pathetic.

Since you won’t be around when you cover arrives so that you have a chance to represent yourself, it is important you write the cover letter in such a manner that it will create the right impression on your absence and compel the potential employer to call you for an interview. Presented here are actual tips from employers to help you write the correct graphic design cover letters to increase your chances of getting noticed from the hundred of the applicants.

One page graphics design cover letter

The length of the graphics design cover letter matters a lot. Some applicants are fond of writing very short cover letters while others prefer to write very long cover letters. The problem with short cover letters is that you don’t have the time to give a good representation of yourself. The long ones, on the other hand, increase the chances of the letter being discarded into the dust bins because the employers don’t have the time to read a novel for a cover letter.

Most employers prefer the ideal graphics design cover letter to be medium in length, preferably occupy about three-quarters of just a single page. Such a letter will be succinct and will probe the employers to want to read them. Additionally, they allow you to a little bit more detailed information about you.

The letter should be addressed to a real person

Most applicants like addressing their graphics design cover letters using the old, “Dear Sir or Madam”, “To Whom It May Concern” or “Ladies and Gentlemen”. Such salutations are outdated and it is regrettable that there are people in this time and age still using them. They are not just a turn off to the addressees, but it shows that the applicant is not very serious about the application.

It is recommended that you address the graphics design cover letter to a real person in the company. You can use the name in the posting to address the letter to, or you can simply call the company and ask about the relevant person to whom the letter should be addressed. Addressing the letter to the real person will create a sense of personal touch besides showing that you are a respectful applicant.

Infuse some personality into the letter

When someone is reading your letter, they should be able to form a mental picture or try to figure out the kind of personality you have. The letter should not be plain and boring just like a generic graphics design cover letter written by some desperate applicant in an unknown dungeon. Try and inject some of your personality in the letter to make it lively and interesting so that the reader can gain some interest about you.

For instance, you can be a little snappy or use humor in a clever way when describing your chosen career path. But as you try to infuse some personality into your graphics design cover letter, you must remember to remain professional and not over do anything. Once you are done, you can probably have someone else read the letter and give you their honest opinion on what they think about it.

Be enthusiastic in the letter

Most employers are looking for passionate and enthusiastic graphics designers. They want people who will bring life not just to the designs but also in the work environment. The last person they need is somebody who will take the opportunity just as another day job. When writing your graphics design cover letter therefore, you must show some passion and enthusiasm.

And this must also be replicated when you get the opportunity for an interview. When doing the letter, this can be shown by your choice of words and the tone of the letter. Don’t overdo it so that you pass the professional boundary and don’t be too thin to suggest that you are desperate for the position.

Don’t send the letter before proofreading

Mistakes in your graphics design cover letter will give the employer an impression that you are careless, and you don’t take your time to perfect your work. How then can they trust you with clients’ projects if you are unable to spot mistakes in your graphics design cover letter? Never send the letter unless you have proofread it an ascertained that it lacks not errors. Graphics design is about perfection, and this should also be replicated in your application.

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