How To Make Universal Appeal With Logos

Can a logo have a universal appeal?

When it comes to building a logo that really sticks and has universal appeal there are a number of big elements that come into any logo design. Universal appeal as something that is not easy to capture and it’s important to note that if your logo is your brand ambassador, with a good logo your brand can be universally appealing as well. If you ever have a logo make you feel a certain way or you have particular logos that stick out in your mind, your brand definitely wants to be the next to complete these same actions for others. While there is no set formula for creating a logo that has universal appeal there are certainly some elements of a logo that can make it stick in people’s minds and create a strong impression over some competitors content.

Here are some of the biggest design elements that your logo needs to have in order to have universal appeal:


Less is definitely more when it comes to logo design and keeping things clear is extremely important. Adding too many different shapes, texts, colors or images can drastically change the way that your logo can make an impact with the market. Avoid adding too much and keep your logo symbols so they can have a greater chance at obtaining universal appeal.


A lasting impression is absolutely important for creating universal appeal. Creating this lasting impression involves a simple yet consistent color scheme. Your logo needs to stick out in a crowd and have visual appeal. This doesn’t necessarily mean creating a bright and flashy logo with two primary colors. Instead focus on using bold/ clear fonts and a color palette that is impactful and reflective of your brand. A memorable logo needs to really make you feel something and stick out when you see it. Imagine a row of storefront signs in a busy mall, now design a logo that is going to draw people to your store when they have so much other choice.


While emulating the styles of iconic logos can be a good starting point for any classic logo a logo design needs to also offer something new. Without any type of unique aspect to your logo it’s very easy for it to get lost in the crowd. Make sure that your logo can be seen easily and there has at least some type of unique concept that sets it apart from the competition. This is the design element that really takes a while to perfect but if done correctly your logo can have a universal appeal because it’s something that people have not seen before.


Making sure that your logo is modern and relevant is also extremely important. Your logo also needs to be extremely relevant to your business. Keeping with the times in keeping with your corporate culture is a way that you can create a logo that says everything about you in just a few seconds. Fonts and styles that misrepresent your company or emulate an older style of design will not have a universal appeal for your customers.

Versatile and repeatable:

A quality logo will be versatile to the point where it can be duplicated and used across lots of marketing material. Creating logos with universal appeal means generating a logo design that will work on your website, in print material, on T-shirts and a variety of other placements. People should be excited about wearing your logo and about what it represents. Without a versatile product that can be showcased in many materials, you could be missing out on lots of opportunity for brand awareness.

Fully scalable:

With the help of a professional design program you can work to create a logo design that fully scalable. The problem that you can often face however is that the design can lose its impact when it is resized. You should do some initial research through mockups to see how your logo might look on a billboard, on printed signage, on business cards and on websites. If you can create a logo that looks just as good on a mug as it does on a bus ad you have definitely done your job correctly when it comes to scalability.

A timeless design:

Remember that most logo designs should last at least 10 years. Logos that have universal appeal however don’t need redesigns every decade. When we think of some of the most iconic logos that have been around for many decades, they have seen minimal redesigns as well. Good logos can override design trends and can in fact be the trendsetting logos themselves. By creating an iconic logo at the beginning of your business it can carry you through to international success and beyond. While a timeless design can take time to perfect is truly only the timeless logos that gain universal appeal and exposure.


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