10 Great Nonprofit Logos Used Around the World

10 Great Nonprofit Logos Used Around the World

Just because you’re running a nonprofit that doesn’t mean you should skimp on a logo. While money can be extremely tight for nonprofit services, it’s still extremely important that you have a marketable brand. In order for people to hear about your nonprofit organization and provide donations or support you need to be a professional company. With the help of a professional logo design you can really make an impact in your marketplace and generate interest. Remember that your logo will be finding its way to event posters, on your corporate literature and more. Here are 10 of the greatest nonprofit logos available that you can use for inspiration in your own nonprofit logos.

Girl scouts of the USA:

The girl scouts of the USA have been around over many years. Their simple lowercase logo symbolizes not only the original Clover symbol that the organization has used for many years on their merit badges, cookies and other products but also mentorship. The big sister little sister mentor position in this company has always been a big aspect of their non-profit and this is now symbolized in the most updated version of the Girl Scout logo.


The Humane society of the United States:

The United States Humane Society has always been one of the most supported charities in the USA. In a recent redesign of the Humane Society logo they worked to form a map of the US with some of the most popular animals that they care for almost every day. This heartwarming and all encompassing logo is simple but also extremely effective at making its message heard. The company went on to recently created a Humane Society international logo as well which showcases a globe and some more exotic animals that their international locations cater to.


It is extremely difficult to forget about the public broadcasting station and its iconic logo. The PBS logo has been roughly unchanged since the beginning of the channel. While PBS relies on donations to keep afloat, they produced a strong logo that can be used in a wide array of marketing campaigns and that’s highly recognizable.

Red campaign:

The red campaign for HIV and Aids as an extremely powerful logo. We have seen this symbol across U2 albums, events, Apple commercials and more. The red campaign owes some of that success to a simple and effective logo that has remained unchanged through the duration of the program. With effective logos like this, nonprofits can really market their cause with pride.

Stand up to cancer:

Stand up to cancer utilizes extremely readable text as well as a simple logo design. This campaign to collect funds for cancer research has been going for number of years and the logo combines modern features with a subtle use of color. Overall this is an extremely bold logo that captures attention and really ignites people to donate. This is an iconic nonprofit logo that will be around for many years to come.


The WWF panda is one of the most recognizable nonprofit logos in the world. The simple black and white logo features a panda bear as well as a unique typeface. The logo has remained mostly unchanged over the years but the brand did encounter some trouble with the world wrestling Federation a few years past. The world wildlife foundation won its suit and kept the name rights for their charity. This simple black and white logo will most likely be continuing on into the future as the main logo of the WWF.


The YMCA did a recent rebrand that shows extreme promise. The y’s logo remained fairly simple and unchanged since the beginning of the organization. Today however it has a modern rebrand with a new logo design. The red and yellow Y logo is iconic and perfect for the fun recreational organization.

One drop:

One drop is a world water charity that showcases the importance of sustainable water around the world. There are several versions of the logo, one of which includes many drops of water in one large drop of water as well as  one large drop of water. The 1 drop logo is very modern and a bit eye opening as well. It really shows you the value of just one small drop of water and how it could help communities around the world. One drop makes you think of conservation as well as donation to make the world a better place.

American Red Cross:

The Red Cross is one of the most recognizable worldwide medical/ support charities. The red cross alone as well as the simple gray text are recognizable in many different languages and designed for maximum visibility. Although the Red Cross has undergone some newer rebranding, the elements of their nonprofit logos remain the same.

American diabetes Association:

The American diabetes Association has had the same nonprofit logo over many decades. The A and stepping stone configuration in red as well as the modern text make this logo standout in advertising and more.

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