10 Tips for Creating Killer Logo Designs

10 Tips for Creating Killer Logo Designs

There is more to creating a company’s visual identity than just placing the name and some funny symbols then calling it a logo. The recent times have seen the demand for graphic designers go up since businesses have realized the immense need to have killer logo designs. A logo is a company’s first impression and will in most cases determine the future interaction between the customer and company.

It is out of the logo that the customer will develop a perception of the brand, make a purchase decision and have an overall attitude regarding the given products or services. If you are an aspiring designer, who wants to establish a stellar reputation of coming up with killer logo designs, then here are some tips to help in the long and tortuous but very rewarding journey:

You have to be unique and clever

If you want to come up with a killer logo design, you have no option but to be unique and ingenious in the design. It is the aspiration of the designer as well as the client to have a unique logo that will set apart the business from the competition and make it stand out in the crowd. As a designer, therefore, you must think out of the box and come up with unique designs that are likely not to have been used anywhere else.

Have a thorough understanding of the brand

You cannot come up with a killer logo design if you don’t have a thorough knowledge of the business and the brand. As a designer, you need to find out more about the company with the aim of understanding its values and principles, core strengths, the target audience, unique position in the market amongst others then incorporate all these in the design to come up with a killer logo.

Use the power of colors

The target audience for the logo is normal people just like you and me, and since humans are visual beings, our response to colors is very distinct. Therefore, when thinking about creating a killer logo design, you must use colors appropriately to capture the attention and the imagination of the audience as well as pass the main marketing message effectively.

The name or symbol

A logo essentially consists of two major components: the symbol and the business name. It has been proven every time and again that some of the best logo designs feature either one of the two elements. Before you begin to cram the design with all manner symbols and letters, think about using either the business name or the symbol for the logo. In this regards, consider top logos like Nike, Coca-cola, IBM, Apple, Yahoo, Google just to mention a few.

Be simple and flexible

Current trends in graphic designs suggest that killer logo designs are rather simple and flexible. You can think about using negative space or white space to introduce simplicity while at the same time making the logo look attractive and effective to the target audience. Good example of logos that thrives on simplicity and flexibility is the FedEx logo and Amazon logo.

Start with black and white for the design

The best way to enhance versatility and end up with a killer logo design is to avoid using colors at the beginning of the design. Starting with black and white on the other hand allows you to focus more on the shape, and the concept and you may add color later on once you are satisfied with the design.

Always have the target audience in mind

You won’t manage to create a killer logo design unless you know the target audience. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the target audience and ask yourself what they would like to see in a logo belonging to such a business. In this manner, you will be a good position to choose other design elements that will allow you to come up with killer logo designs.

Use the internet and online resources for inspiration

The internet is full of different logo designs and lots of resources available at your disposal in the creation of a killer logo design. This is not to imply that you imitate a great logo you have seen in the internet but rather use it to brainstorm and refine your ideas of coming up with the killer logo design.

Perfection comes with time

Finally, as you strive to develop the skills to come up with killer logo designs, you must have in mind that it takes time, and you may not get it right the first time. However, you must never quit but instead keep on practicing so that you can improve your designs with time. Always be sure to improve continuously your knowledge by every available resource at your disposal. Without a strong desire to learn how to create killer logo designs, you will be just like any average designer, and you will never know what it feels to be at the top of your game

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