Best Logo Design Software for Macintosh

Best Logo Design Software for Macintosh

Most designers absolutely swear by the use of Macintosh computers for all of their logo creation needs. Part of the reason that many designers love using Macintosh computers is because Macintosh hardware is specifically designed for use with design and creation software. Macintosh computers have always been a popular choice among creative’s because it simply works better with design suites like Photoshop and illustrator as well as for video editing tasks. While many Windows-based components will simply hang up when it comes to loading programs as well as processing and rendering image data, Macintosh’s continue outperform them in these areas. Because of this ease-of-use a lot of the world’s best logo design software can be found on Macintosh computers. So many professional level designers and many of the world’s best logo designers often find themselves using design software for Mac and the competition is definitely steep among the design tools that professionals use. Here are some of the top design software is for Mac that are currently available and most widely used across the design industry. Hopefully by checking out some of these options you can make an informed decision about which licenses you should purchase if you planned on creating your own logo or perhaps professionally creating a logo for others.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is best known as a photo editing program but it’s perhaps some of the most at that software that can be used in image manipulation and logo creation. CS6 is definitely best used on a Macintosh computer and this version of Photoshop has come a long way from giving people the ability to make minor tweaks and changes to images as well as filter edits. The software can essentially help a graphic designer to make a logo from scratch as well as output it to all of the most popular image file types for recreation, printing, manipulation and more. The software can also alter a number of vector images will combine multi-layer images to form extremely powerful logo designs. The only real problem with the Photoshop interface is that the full version of the software can get quite expensive and learning how to use it with proficiency can take many years. For designing a basic logo there are many different tutorials online for how to use this logo design software for Mac but it may take a lot of trial and error before you can actually design a professional quality logo in Photoshop.


Gimp is an open-source program that was actually created originally as the Photoshop equivalent for Linux users. GNU image manipulation has been around for several years and gimp actually has a powerful selection of image editing capabilities which are all available for free. If you are simply interested in trying out a high-quality image manipulation program that can produce high-quality logos, this can be a great starting point. Gimp also has a massive number of free plug-ins and tools that you can use to expand your logo creation technique. While many people are quick to discredit GIMP because it’s a free program, with the amount of support that’s online and the number of professional tools that gimp has, it’s a worthy program for designers to use for all of their Macintosh logo creation needs. The only real drawback that GIMP has is that it doesn’t feature the same level of vector support that comes from Adobe products.


Sketchbook is an extremely effective vector creator for creating mockups. Although it’s not exactly full service logo design software for Macintosh, the Autodesk program is perfect for having an upgraded version of paint on your Macintosh computer. This makes it a powerful option on the list of logo design software for Macintosh.  There’s a free version as well as a pro version that comes with all of the tools that you need to produce high-quality drawings and graphics. The only main problem is sketchbook is that you definitely have to have some type of artistic ability to create a logo from scratch. You can import and edit photos in sketchbook but support for image manipulation like this isn’t quite as advanced as you would find it on Gimp or Photoshop. If you have some artistic talent and your simply looking to export a hand-drawn logo in vector format however, this can be an excellent cost effective option that is only available on Macintosh through the mac app store.

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator is basically the ultimate Macintosh creative suite for graphic designers. When it comes to logo design software for Macintosh, this interface is one of the preferred program options for professionals. The license through Adobe for a professional graphic designer can get quite expensive but with the alignment options and image editing options available in Adobe Illustrator it’s possible to create perfect quality vector logos that can be heavily replicated across promotional material. Illustrator has more features than any aforementioned Macintosh product on our list as well as a giant amount of typography, visual effects and easy tracing options. If you are looking for professional graphic design software on Mac and you don’t have any budgetary restrictions this is the program to get

Keep these top options in mind if you are looking for the perfect logo design software for Macintosh.

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