How to Build a Brand on Twitter

Most people still view Twitter as new microblogging site that is not worthy of grabbing their attention as far as branding is concerned. However, the few individuals and the businesses in the know are taking massive advantage of this platform to develop and grow their brands. With the number of users increasing with each rising of the sun, Twitter should make it to the list of key branding tools for serious businesses.

Once you know how to do it, you will be amazed at how the process of how to use Twitter for branding is very simple. The following is how you can take advantage of this massive social network to build and grow and enormous brand-:

It starts with your Twitter profile

When using Twitter for branding, you need to give special consideration to how you create your profile. This is not the kind of profile you create for yourself, but your target should be to your potential audience and what they will be hoping to find when they follow you. Your profile in Twitter should act as your business card in the social media and it should provide all the pertinent information about the businesses and also crucial for your branding.

Ideally, it should feature a relevant image, name of the business, and contact details if necessary. You also need to connect your Twitter profile to your other social media accounts. In this manner, you shall have set up your profile in the right manner to allow for effective use of Twitter for branding.

Make good use of visual content

A picture is worth a thousand words, whether the picture is on your blog or your Twitter profile. When using Twitter for branding, it is recommended that you make good use of visual and video content for more effective results. Since Twitter added Twitter Cards in their platform, it is now a breeze to showcase different content types like images, videos and infographics for a richer experience for your followers.

It has been proven that using visual and video as part of your social media content comes with a lot of benefits, and you can take advantage of this as you use Twitter for branding. With Twitter’s ability to connect with large audiences, using these kinds of content will make your profile stand out and increase the number of follower thus adding more juice to your efforts of using Twitter for branding.

Engage your Twitter Followers

When it comes to social media and using Twitter for branding, no other metric precedes the use of engagement in gauging the effectiveness of the campaigns. Engagement will determine the reception that you content gets whenever you make a post on Twitter. The more people share and tweet your content, the more effective it is.

In addition to posting engaging content while using Twitter for branding, it is also important for you to take steps and engage your audience in relevant discussions on your feed. You can respond to their concerns about your products and services and share with them relevant and insightful tips so that they can know that there is a real person on the account and not some robot making the posts.

You won’t just forge a warm and personal relationship with them, but also they will come to respect you as an authority in the field and trust in your brand. Eventually, you shall have succeeded in using Twitter for branding purposes.

Let your presence be known in other platforms also

For more success in using Twitter for branding, you should not just focus all your attention on Twitter alone. Become your own cheerleader and let your presence on Twitter be felt on other social media platforms. For instance, you can include your Twitter handle in other social media sites and link back to your Twitter profile. It is also possible for you to automatically share the content you shared with your followers on Twitter on the other social media sites as well. This will create consistency and uniformity thus boosting your efforts for using Twitter for branding.

Acknowledge members sharing your content

One of the objectives people have when using Twitter for branding is to bring more people and get them engaged in the discussions. When other members share your content and engage you in the conversations, you should be kind enough and give them a pat on the back for their warm gesture.

In return, you can acknowledge them by also sharing their content. When you do this, you won’t just pass out as an approachable brand but also you will have succeeded in making your follower feel good because you recognized them. All these will complement your efforts to build a brand on Twitter.

However, don’t forget that it takes time and effort to build a successful brand anywhere. As you use Twitter for branding, therefore, have this in mind so that you have the determination and patience needed to build the brand in the right manner.

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