How to Build a Brand as a Freelance Designer

There is no good time to venture into freelance design than the present. Many businesses are waking up to the need of professional branding materials increasing the demand for talented and skilled designers. Regrettable though, most of the designers have focused their efforts on active employment and the freelance rend to use proactive marketing each time they need to get new clients.

This is rather appalling, given that you can have the clients look for you and not you go hunting for them if you decided take your time and build a freelancer designer brand. If this has always been your interest but you have never had a clear way of how to build your freelance designer brand, here is how to do it without spending a lot of time or money for marketing.

Create a website or a blog

The first process in building a freelance designer brand is to a create website or have a personal blog. Through the blog, you will have an easy medium to share you work with the entire world and those interested in your services will also have an easy way of getting in touch with you. In the blog, you should not just provide a portfolio of all the works you have done, but also remember to offer useful design tips that will make potential customers perceive you as a highly skilled designer and be ready and willing to buy your gigs.

It is true that you can have your portfolio hosted in other several places on the internet, but having your blog will set you apart from the rest of the designers and portray you as a real and serious professional. Besides, you will have total control over the use of the blog and you can used it for other things like showcasing your design videos, which may be possible with the other third party portfolio websites.

Take advantage of the wider design community

The wider online design community is another place to consider when building your freelance designer brand. These communities bring together designers of all levels and from different parts of the world. They can be a source for clients since most the clients usually head over to such places looking of the right designers to do their works.

With the online design communities, you need to establish yourself as a trusted authority so that you can get the attention of your peers as well that of the potential clients. You should share some of your best work in the community. Not only this, but also you need to participate actively by taking part in the discussions going on, offering helpful tips and engaging with other members.

You should however avoid all temptations to be a bother like spamming or commenting on every thread or post. Such behaviour might work against you as you try to build your freelance designer brand.

Let your work be seen across other channels

In building a freelance designer brand, the objective is to position yourself strategically so that you can attract quality design clients. You should therefore strive to get your works out to as many channels as possible. In addition to your website and the online design communities, think about other places where you can get exposure.

For instance, you can create account with all the social media channels to help increase the exposure on your projects which will ultimately help you get more clients. But while using the various channels, it is imperative to maintain uniformity for the sake of building a uniform freelance designer brand.

Use the freelancing websites

Many skilled designers tend to shun the freelancing websites in the process of building a freelance designer brand. But these online workplaces can offer a great launch pad for your career as a freelance designer. A lot of people who need design services usually flock to the freelancing websites in search of potential designers. By being present in such sites therefore, you increase your exposure to lots of quality clients.

Additionally, most of the freelancing websites have a review system where customers can post either positive or negative reviews depending on the services they received. If you can maintain to get consistent positive reviews, it will be only a matter of time before you swarmed with orders from people seeking your services. Therefore, you should never bypass the freelancing website when building your freelance designer brand.

Introduce a value-added Giveaway

Using incentives is another powerful method you can employ in building your freelance designer brand. You can promise to offer value added complimentary services for every gig purchased from you. For instance, if someone orders a logo design, you can promise to offer them a free business card design as a giveaway. You are not just giving them something for free, but whatever you offer them will add real value to their business.

As you try to build your freelance designer brand, it is important to remember that it takes time and effort to have the brand off its feet. Be ready to do the hard work now and you will reap the benefits later on when your freelance designer brand will be doing all the marketing for you.

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