The Best Graphic Design Books to Get You Started

If you are looking to start a career in graphics design, you will have to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for success in the industry. This makes it necessary that you know where to get the best materials that will give you quality information in a more acceptable manner. Books will of course be one of them and listed here are the best graphic design books to get you started on your journey as a graphics designer-:

The Elements of Graphics Design

The Elements of Graphics design is one of those books you will be recommended to as the best to start with in this industry. It is an introductory book on graphics design and it presents you with all the basics you need to have your foot on the right path in the industry. Though graphics design can at times be a technical subject, the book makes it simple in a clear language along with appropriate illustrations to make you understand the contents better.

Making and Breaking Grid

Having proper layout is something very crucial when starting any project in graphics design and most people new to the industry usually have a rough time in getting it right. To take away all the doubts and the confusions, all you have to do is to go through the book – Making and Breaking the Grid. This is one of the top graphic design books that will teach you all you need to know about layouts and grids so that you will have the confidences to do it right the first time and at all times.

The Elements of Typographic Styles

Without the right choice of typography, your design projects will never amount to anything. They will lack meaning and style thus effectively renders your design useless. The topic is such an important one in the field of graphic, and you deserve to give it all the attention it deserves. The Elements of Typographic Styles is one of the best graphic design books that will give you all the basics you need to know about typography. In this book, you will not only learn about the various typographies but also you will understand the various and proper contexts of their application.

Los Logos Series

Logo design is one of the leading branches of graphics design and as such, it is a preference to many budding designers. With the Los Logos Series, you get your ultimate guide to everything you need to know about the developments in logo design. The book showcases logos as comprehensives visual languages as well as the most recent cutting edge logo designs and logo designers in the globe.

With the illustrations in the book, you will understand what goes into designing an effective logo as well as how to get inspiration to design logos that will stand out from the crowd. Even after you become a proficient designer, this is one of the graphics design books you will not want to get separated from.

Designing Brand Identity

This is not just a top graphics design book for those interested in building brands and brand identity, but also those interested in other branches of graphics design as well. We all know that logos play a major role in branding and this book tells all you need to know right from the concept stage of logo design to the application of the logo in creating the brand for the organization. You also get to learn about the inner details of branding and what it takes to create a powerful and a formidable brand through the use of logos.

How to be a Graphic Designer without Losing your Soul

How to be a Graphic Designer without Losing your Soul is like a career manual to guide you in the graphics design profession. It is especially recommended for the young designers who are interested in establishing their graphics design business so that they are not employed by agencies where they will lose their soles in the name of churning out designs.

It offers quality and actionable advice on how you can run a successful and fulfilling business on your own. If you are a designer with an entrepreneurial spirit, then this is a graphics design book which you have to read before getting your feet wet in the profession. This has become added to the required reading on graphic design books for many programs.

Package Design Workbook: The Art & Science of Successful Packaging

A lot goes on behind the scenes in package design. Branding and packaging goes hand in hand and this is rated among the top graphics design books for designers who want to specialize in product packaging. The Package Design Workbook gives detailed explanation on the ins and outs of great product packaging. The books are presented in appropriate and easy to read manner and it also comes with detailed illustrations to make you understand each point clearly.

There are other top graphic designs books you could start with, but these are the best ones as they cut across the entire field thus give you a strong and comprehensive rooting in the profession.

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