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For success as a graphic designer, the places where you do you designs are very important. Different graphic designers will prefer different work environments for many different reasons. Some prefer getting into their home studios straight from the bed. Others prefer to do their work in more creative and inspiring places such as professional design studios or shared design spaces. Whichever the choice, people are wired differently and will feel productive when working in all manner of places. But despite that, here are some of the best places where designers like to work-:

Home Studio

With the convenience of the internet, it is no longer mandatory to work from the company offices if you can do everything from the comfort of your home. This has encouraged many designers to set up professional home studios. This way they can work effectively without bothering with the normal inconvenience associated with commuting to work every day. The home studio also provides you with a familiar environment which might add to your productivity.

However, if you are a graphic designer and you are planning to work in a home studio, you need to be prepared to be disciplined. Since there is no one supervising you or any boss around in your home studio, it is easy to relax and get distracted, leading to late delivery of projects. Also, with the family members, TV and all manner of distractions around, levels of productivity might go down if you are not very focused.

Shared Design Studio

When you are working from your home studio, it is possible to have the peace and quietness you need for extra productivity leading to greater gain. But as noted earlier, a graphic designer is wired differently, and some will never be productive when it is quiet and peaceful all around. They prefer to work with fellow graphic designers in a shared studio rather than lock themselves up and work alone.

One great advantage of working in a shared environment in this manner is that you are surrounded with like-minded individuals. You can share design inspirations, discuss common challenges, and get some sort of “refreshment” if you feel you are getting tired or fatigued. These, however, would not be possible when you are holed up in your room all day long. But if you feel that such an environment would be distractive, then it is advisable that you stick to what works best for you.

The Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is another place where many graphic designers and other freelancers like working from.  Such people find coffee shops to be alluring due to the great scenery and the energizing caffeinated drinks only for the cost of a cup of coffee. Additionally, the coffee shops have lots of power outlets as well free WIFI and the workers are always very friendly and will never turn you away.

On matters of inspiration, most of the coffee shops normally exhibit sophisticated art work on the interior décor. If you are low in inspiration, sometimes walking in for a cup of coffee would be sufficient to kick your design mind into action. This allows you to use the various designs you will see in the coffee shops as the basis of your inspirations. Besides, the ambiance in the coffee shop is also cool with fewer disturbances.

Free desk at an agency

It is not common for a graphic designer to ask for spare desks at design agencies and set up their workstations in such places. However, it is very possible that there are many design agencies which allow other graphic designers who are not necessarily working for the agency to rent a desk and work from there. This option is almost similar to working from a studio only that you can have access to superior design resources at the agency than you would have had in the normal studio.

Again, such agencies would be a great choice if you are looking to launch your freelance career. Some are located in prime locations where it would be very convenient for holding up client meetings. However, you must be prepared to part with some good amount of money for rent for you to enjoy all those facilities.

Working in the wild or nature

Finally, some graphic designers cherish a lot working in natural environments where they tend to gain more creativity and be more productivity. Some graphic designers would take their materials and head over to the park or the zoo and do their works. Other on the other hand mind find working on the beach to be very refreshing while others would prefer to head over into the woods to work. This is very common among painters or pencil artists who do not require being around computers and the internet to do their work.

In conclusion, a graphic designer prefers different working environments to do their work. Find what works best for you and stick to it.

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