Where to Find New Graphic Design Clients

Working as a graphic designer is a great opportunity, especially in the current times when businesses have woken up to the importance of having a clear-cut identity. There are thousands of designers with many different skills who are looking to get the same design jobs, and this creates a strong competition in the race to win over new clients. It doesn’t matter whether you are working in an agency or freelancing. The prospects are stunning since the number of business and organizations in need of branding and identity materials keep on rising with each day. However, the presence of a large number of people looking for graphics design services does not guarantee that you will have an endless flow of jobs.

It therefore requires ideal service and proper strategy on how to find and win new clients if you want to enjoy the full benefits of being a graphics designer. Here are some of the great places where you can find new clients in graphic designs that you have an endless flow of clients and also make a lot of money in the process-:

The Social Media

The rise and growth of social media have provided a wide arena for getting clients in any industry you may ever think of. Millions of potential new clients in graphic design promote the social sites to connect with friends and families. Since they spend a lot of their time in the social media, it is the best place to catch their attention. With the various platforms, it will be important for you to learn how to use each one effectively. This way you can attract the attention of potential new clients in graphic design and convince them to throw your work way. The following are the top social media platforms you can consider using when searching for new clients in graphic design-:

Facebook – Facebook is a social media giant with endless possibilities of getting design clients. You can choose to use the free methods, or you can invest in Facebook advertising for faster results. With the free option, all you have to do is to let your presence be known in Facebook by having a professionally designed business page. With the page, you will use it to share useful design content with your followers as well as respond to any concerns or queries from them. Through the page, you will establish yourself as a real authority in the graphic design field, and your followers will be more than willing to send lots of work your way.

Twitters – Twitter works in almost a similar manner as Facebook when you are searching for new clients in graphic design. It also allows you to have a profile, telling your followers what you do as well as share with them useful content about graphic design. Once you establish a good following and create trust between you and your followers, it will be easier for them to give you graphic design projects.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social network mainly targeting professionals. This is a must use platform if you want to establish yourself as a real professional in the graphic design industry and get people to support you for a variety of skills. It offers advanced options for showcasing your work and advertising your business. Just like Facebook, you can opt for the free methods or you can go the paid way for faster and more powerful results.

Freelance Websites

With the presence of the internet, there is a expansion of freelance websites where buyers meet sellers in a wide variety of niches. To get graphic design clients from these websites, you need to sign up with only the top ones with reputation for good experience for both the buyers and the sellers. Once you have an account, you will have to create a complete professional profile indicating your skills, experience and if possible upload some samples of your work. The potential new clients in graphic design will go through your profile and if they like it, they are likely to hire you for various graphic design jobs.

Personal Graphics Design Blog

As a graphics designer, it is necessary that you have a blog to showcase your skills and the kind of services people can get from you. Your blog offers you more power than the social media websites and the freelancing websites. This is because you have all the flexibility to use it in the manner you like without any restrictions. Other than being a powerful branding tool, it will expose you to high quality new clients in graphic design when people go on the internet to search for graphics designers. If you optimize the website well for the search engines, you will have the benefit of getting free, quality and targeted traffic from those who search for graphic design services in search engines like Google.

Finally, you should not forget about your past graphic design clients. Also remember to form strong networks with fellow designers where you can share more on how each one usually lands their new clients in graphic design. Additionally, you should become an active member of the top graphics design forums. This is because this is where both the professionals and new clients in graphic design come together to discuss industry issues.

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