Delivering in Business the Best You Can For Your Customers

Are You Over Delivering in Business?

Under promising and over delivering in business is a common cliché currently making rounds regarding customer satisfaction in the corporate world. The current business environment makes it difficult for companies to acquire and retain new customers. The competition is so stiff in the sense that all the businesses are competing for attention from the same clients and the winners are those who can over deliver on what they had promised.

But why would a business work hard to do this when it is construed that while over delivering in business, you will be giving more than the customer bargained for hence you will be cutting into the profitability of the business? Well, to the uneducated, there is a plethora of reasons why over delivering in business is such a powerful concept, especially in the current turbulent business environments. Presented here are a few reasons why you need to start doing this if you are not already doing it-:

Over delivering brings repeat business

Over delivering in business essentially means that you are providing more value compared to what the customers has paid for. In the eyes of the customers, they can get a better bargain when dealing with you as compared to when they get the same services from other vendors. As a result, they will always want to work with you, and in the process becoming repeat clients to your business.

Every business desires to have a big number of repeat customers since this a free source of income to the company. For instance, you need no marketing or winning strategy once you get a repeat customer. They will keep on coming, with no additional effort on your part, leading to more and more growth for your business. Therefore, if you are keen on having a huge number of repeat clients, then make over delivering a habit in your business from today.

Good Business Reputation

When over delivering in business, your clients or customers will be happy with your products and services. You are essentially giving them more value by going out of your way to make them happy. This small gesture will make them talk good about your business to their friends and family thus helping you in advertising through word of mouth. Not only this but also you will be able to establish a good reputation for your business, and you will attract a new customer base, especially from those interested in getting more than they are paying for. In all markets, good reputation always lead to increased customer numbers. Hence, you should try out over delivering in business and see if your customer and sales numbers won’t go high.

Ability to charge higher prices

For most business, higher prices are always seen as a deterrent to attracting new business. This is especially true when you are a small player in the same industry with the big guys. Due to economies of scale, the large firms will always offer low prices than the small actors.

However, when you over deliver on you products or services, you will have the ability to counter the effects of the higher prices by offering additional satisfaction that the customers could not get from the big businesses. You will thus find yourself selling at slightly higher prices and never losing any client at all.

Over delivering in business helps you create your niche

In the present times, many customers are complaining a lot about the lack of personalized services from many companies. If you are over delivering in business, like offering superior customer care services, you will set yourself apart from the competition. Customers will see that you that you truly care about them and their needs.

They will, in turn, perceive you differently as their preferred seller or provider of the various goods or services. You will eventually end up creating a niche of your own by having few but dedicated customers who are ready to do business with you at any time of the day.

Over delivering improves morale

When you are over delivering in your business, you enhance not only the moral of your customers but also that of your employees. Customers will always look forward to coming to your store due to the superior goods or services you are selling to them and with the continued flow of business, you employees will also be excited to serve the customers better. No sad employee will want to serve a happy client. This will create a conducive work environment for both parties leading to efficiency in business and ultimately adding to the growth of the enterprise.

These are just but a few of reasons you will get by over delivering in business. It is important to remember that there are a number of ways that you can use to over deliver for your clients. You don’t have to do something tedious or expensive at all. All you have to do is to provide more value to your customers, mainly by offering something extra that your competition is not offering but at the same cost. Subtle it is, but the concept of over delivering in business is very powerful.

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