Top Mistakes Brands Make with Promotional Products

Top Mistakes Brands Make with Promotional Products

Big brands and companies have flexible and varied ways of using promotional products to increase their brand awareness, besides attracting new customers and clients. With this versatility, marketers have more choices to move the products of the company, but unfortunately, they are also prone to a number of mistakes along the way which might make the method less effective. If you intend to use promotional products for marketing or advertising your business, here are some of the most common mistakes you need to have in mind so that you can get the best out of using such products for marketing:

Lack of objectivity

Most brands splash out promotional products without defining the specific objectives they intend to achieve with the drive. It is not clear to them whether they want to increase the traffic to their website, increase brand awareness, give emphasis to a particular product, increase email sign-ups, etc. Each of these various objectives may need a different promotional product for more effectiveness.

When you define clearly what you attend to achieve with your promotional products, you will know the best distribution channels to use so that you increase your effectiveness in reaching the target audience without wasting products on those who don’t even care about what you give to them. Always have in mind that however great your promotional products are, lack of a clear goal, or a desired outcome will spell doom for the promotion from the word go.

No clear distribution plan

It is saddening to note that there are a good number of companies who go ahead and buy promotional products without knowing what to do with them. Imagine a situation where you have received five hundred promotional key chains, yet you don’t have a single idea on how to get them out to your target audience. It is imperative that you have a clear distribution plan before you get the promotional products.

Such a plan should be guided by your desired result. For instance, if you intend to increase the number of your repeat clients, then you may decide to include the promotional product for every purchase of the product. If you need to attract new clients, on the other hand, you can give out the promotional product as a gift during the trade shows that you attend.

Remember, giving away your promotional products to anybody that comes on sight is never a good idea since there is no targeting if you do that way. If you have to go down this route, however, you can increase the chances of getting the right clients by first asking them to sign up for your mailing list or complete a customer survey on one of your products before they get the item for free.

Products not tailored for your target audience

One common mistake that most brands and business are fond of making is giving out promotional products that they like and which may not be necessarily what their target audience need or like. Effective results are achieved with promotional products if they are items that will add value or solve one of the needs of your target clients.

Remember, they never asked for the products neither were they desperate for them. Hence, you should not insult their intelligence and loyalty to your brand by throwing just anything their way. They might take it negatively, and you may end up driving them away instead of bringing them closer to you.

Using generic designs on the products

Most companies giving away promotional products will have nothing on them but the business logos. This is quite generic and might not yield great results if a lot of branding considerations were taken in the design of the products. Remember, promotional products are also meant to increase brand awareness and make your brand known to certain people who might have never heard about you. Therefore, playing it safe with the branding is missing out on a big opportunity to improve the penetration of your brand.

Distributing the products on the last minute

Many companies are very comfortable with handling rush orders and will have no problem in dealing with the customer issues and ensuring that all of them are satisfied. However, dealing with promotional materials at the very last minute can prove to be elusive. If you wait for long, you are likely to have less time to facilitate effective distribution plan.

If for instances you needed the promotional products for an event, you need to allow enough lead time so that you get all the products in good time and before the actual date of the event. This will also allow you ample time to inspect and request for adjustments should there be any particular concerns with the materials you received.

Be very keen when using promotional products to advertise and market your business or brand. Avoid these mistakes for increased chances of having great results with the drive.


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