5 Famous Luxury Brand Logos

5 Luxury Brand Logos

A luxury brand logo is a sure-fire way to get someone’s attention.

Some of the worlds most desirable designer brands and luxury brands have instantly recognizable logos because they are portrayed in mainstream culture as royal.

These are luxury brands that have made themselves known in the media, in film, in print advertisements and more.

They often come with specialty logos that enhance the brand and make people want to use these luxury products even more.

Here are some of the top luxury brand logos that have been around for years that people continue to appreciate to this day.

Use these examples in the creation of your own luxury brand logos:


Rolls Royce:

The luxury auto maker Rolls Royce has their luxury logo on the front of every Rolls Royce vehicle.

The symbol has been named many things over the years.

You may have heard of the small sculpture which sits on the front of these vehicles as “Emily”, “The Spirit of Ecstasy”, “ The silver lady”, or more.

The original version of this sculpted symbol was created by a famous English sculptor.

These same objects are still handcrafted and make their way to the front of Rolls Royce vehicles.

The model was Eleanor Velasco Thorton who was the woman who was sculpted by auto pioneer John Walter Edward Douglas Scott-Montagu.

This means that the luxury symbol not only showcases freedom and wealth but also an intense love and passion.

The same passion that many people feel for their Rolls Royce Vehicle.



Chanel and its interlocking C’s are some of the most famous luxury logo icons we have today.

Not only does this image often pop up at fashion shows, in the mainstream media, at awards shows, and in designer stores, but we see them regularly in advertising.

Between Chanel perfume and the clothing that the company produces, there is always brand recognition when it comes to this beautiful logo.

It has a deep history as well.

The logo design was crafted by Coco Chanel in the year 1925 and has continued to be used by the company completely unchanged up to this day.

Some think that the logo is inspired by interlocking Cs that can be found at the Chateau Cremat, whereas others think inspiration was taken from Renaissance interlocking medallions.

One thing is for sure, this is a highly recognizable logo with a deep history.


Louis Vuitton:

The Louis Vuitton Monogram is coveted as a motif for fashion gurus and it can be found on a variety of designer luggage, fashion items, handbags and more.

The original motif print was designed as a specialty monogram logo to stop counterfeiting attempts.

While other styles of luggage are easier to counterfeit, the Flower motif, which is Japanese inspired, came out in 1896 and is still used to this day.

The designer branding uses a damier or French checkerboard pattern with brown and beige squares in a pattern.

This look created not only an iconic look for fashion, but it serves as the company’s main logo as well.

This is an extremely recognizable luxury brand.



The Rolex crown is one of the most iconic symbols in the entire world of watches.

The Rolex crown can often be found at events, on the watches themselves, as well as in a variety of advertising.

It is a fairly subtle logo, but when you see a real Rolex or the advertising, you will definitely be interested to learn more.

The Rolex logo has a deep history and it is also fairly simple.

The main goal of the Rolex crown was to use it as an extension of the main slogan.

The Rolex’s slogan at one time stated there was “A crown for every achievement”.

The use of the crown in the logo stuck.

Since the year 1903, the brand has been using this logo in all of its marketing and on its watches.

The crown symbolizes the precision and prestige for a watch worth celebrating.

This could be the reason why Rolex watches are often given out to winning athletes.


Ralph Lauren:

From Ralph Lauren perfume and cologne to quality fashion items, this symbol is heavily showcased.

The Polo by Ralph Lauren collection features famous fashion items and promotes an active lifestyle.

The launch of this brand, however, actually started with a line of swimsuits for women.

These 1970’s swimsuits were built for women but tailored in a designer style for men.

This is the first time this logo was used on an item.

The full polo emblem made its way to fashion items just two years later and has remained unchanged since.

The Polo from Ralph Lauren logo is the embodiment of luxury, style, an active lifestyle, and pure elegance.


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