Why a Logo is Crucial to Brand Identity

Why a Logo is Crucial to Brand Identity

Show me a business without logo and I will show a shameless and faceless business ignorant of the immense powers of a logo! The importance of logo in branding cannot be overlooked by any serious venture looking forward to establishing a religious following around their brand. A logo is the face of the business, and it is what the customers use to identify, relate and connect with your products and services. It is a direct reflection of the personality, values as well as the principles upon which the business operates. It is also the most powerful marketing tool a business will ever know. Below are a few insights into why a logo is such a powerful component of the brand identity for any enterprise.

A logo establishes the identity of the business

One of the roles of a logo in branding is that it establishes the identity of the business without which it will be nearly impossible for any company to get its root in the market. In simple terms, it is like a mental shortcut that people use to refer to the products and services of a certain company. It is, however, necessary to remember that not just any type of logo will work in establishing the brand identity of the company. For effective results, the logo must be well thought out, and presented in a way to let it communicate to the public the real worth of the company’s products and services.

Logo is the image of the business

In branding, it is important to infuse various personalities in the branding materials such as logos. The reason for doing this is because you intend to communicate with human beings who possess personality; hence, you must find a way to connect and relate to them.

In the corporate world, the image of the business is revered more than any other thing, and logos are one of the items used to project the company’s image to the client and customers. Through the logo, a company can portray itself aggressive, reliable, dependable, dominating, caring, etc amongst other different kinds of personalities. Such an image is very crucial in connecting with the potential clients and customers because they will be interested in doing business with you if they can perceive your business to possesses the kind of personalities they are looking after.

However, it is important to remember that there are a plethora of logos in the world today and you have to stand out in order to be recognized. This can only be achieved if your logo has a specific meaning to your target audience and their subconscious minds can pick something unique from your logo that they are not getting elsewhere.

Logo can be your most powerful selling tool

With meticulous marketing, a business logo can be the reason behind most of the sales of a company’s products and services. This is only possible if the logo gains tremendous loyalty such that it becomes a symbol of pride and value for money to the clients. When a business reaches this level, it will have a strong brand identity that will continue to spur it to further growth. For instance, Nike has a fanatic base of loyal fans, and all this revolves around their logo. Their strategy is to use top sports personalities in their marketing thus creating a perception that they manufacture the best quality professional attire, and this has worked incredibly for the business.

Logos cement consumer loyalty

Logos will do more for a business, even after creating an identity and establishing the image for the business. Logos create a familiarity with the business amongst the customers and with the constant image of the brand in the minds of the customers, brand loyalty will be established. Once consumer loyalty is established, the consumers will become consciously aware whenever any competing products or services are mentioned, and they will be more inclined to purchase from you as compared to buying from your competition.

The Logo is a sign of ownership

Another importance of logo in branding is that it is like a signature to the business hence a sign of ownership. When seen with any product, it will be immediately known that the particular product belongs to your businesses. Though it is possible for other business to make goods with your logo to boost their sales, especially if your logo has a strong brand identity, you have all the legal rights to sue such companies for copyright infringement.

Therefore, before you embark on the process of designing your business logo, you need to take into consideration all the roles of a logo in branding. You will find it easy to establish a brand identity if you have a unique logo that your target market can identify with easily. The converse is also true! Brand identity will be nearly impossible to establish if you ignore the importance of logo in branding.

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