Logo Design Color Trends for the year 2016

Logo Design Color Trends for the year 2016

The world of design moves very fast. Whether it is the font or color trends, the evolution takes place so fast that a good number of designers are unable to cope up with the speed. It is very possible that what worked a few years ago may already be obsolete in the world of graphics design. However, if you stick your design to the core principles, you won’t have to worry about the luster of your design fading away once the fad is gone.

In this article, we take a look at the logo design color trends and what every designer need to watch out for as far as the use of colors in logo design is concerned. This is so that you know what is happening in the world of colors, lest you risk coming up with designs that won’t be responsive hence won’t have a greater impact on your target audience.

Adoption of monochromatic color schemes

Lots of logo designers are adopting minimalist logo design style. This style of logo design is very much compatible with monochromatic color schemes. Hence, since the flat design is a hot trend on the rise, the use of monochromatic colors scheme is also a logo design color trend you need to watch out for in 2016. One of the beauties of using monochromatic color schemes in logo design is the fact that they are very vibrant, and they come with little distractions which in turn give designers the flexibility to make bold statements and also experiment with various color choices.

Contrasting with dull shades

Even for aesthetic purposes alone, extreme contrasting in logo designs prevents the design from being stale, and this is a great concern for minimalist designers. As one of the logo design color trends, contrasting logo designs with dull shades provides decisive visual patterns that are not just great for the overall beauty of the design but also ideal for improving the readability of the design.

As a result, a designer can use such contrasting to make the marketing message in the logo clear and appealing to the target audience thus making it more effective for branding purposes. However, before you delve into your color palettes and start playing around with them, you must understand the graphics design color theory so that you use the colors and contrast them in the right and professional manner.

Bright Colors and Texture

In most of the logo designs, you can easily recognize texture when used on a normal background but only under the right conditions. But texture can also be combined with bright colors to give exquisite results in logo design. Presently, the use of bright colors and textures seems to have caught the attention of many designers and has now become one of the most pronounced logo design color trends in 2016.

One thing you will appreciate about using bright colors and textures in logo design is their ability to give a unique aesthetic appeal to the design without necessarily appearing to be overly skeuomorphic.

Highlighting text with colors

Another logo design color trend that most designers are already adopting is using colors to highlight text in their designs. One of the aims of creating a logo is to make it attract the attention of the target audience. This can be achieved easily with the use of bright colors to highlight the text in the logo.

Naturally, bright colors are attention grabbing and using them especially on logos with dull backgrounds will transform such logos and make them visually appealing while at the same time having the ability to get the much needed attention. But as usual, before you try highlighting the text in your logo with bright colors, you must be aware of the graphics color design theory to avoid doing this in the wrong manner.

Two Color Logo Designs

In addition to the adoption of monochromatic color schemes, there is an increased adoption of two color logo designs. This is another logo design color trend that many designers have placed on their radar and are keen on its evolvement. One admirable thing about using only two colors in logo design is the ease with which you can adapt to various designs styles and concepts.

For instance, two colors work very well with negative space and will also give stellar results when used with white space designs. This is not to mention the fact that with only two, you can create a great contrast in any design, and this is very instrumental for the legibility of the logo as well as its ability to grab attention.

As you consider the logo design color trends of 2016, it is imperative to have in mind that some of these logo design color trends are just fads which might not live to stand the taste of time. Therefore, always be sure that you design is grounded on the proper design principles.


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