Why Stock Photos Should be Avoided in Logos.

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Stock photos are shared resources that most graphic designers turn to whenever they are looking for an image to use in their logo designs. Whereas you can be lucky to find great photos that can add a lot of value in your logo. It is important to remember as a designer that you should always use components on your logo that will impact on the brand positively.

Since logos are designed to be seen by lots of people, the habit of using stock images can be pretty limiting. Therefore, as a professional designer, you should avoid using them in your design as much as possible. Here is why-:

Stock images are other people’s visions

Uniqueness is one aspect in logo design that is greatly admired. Everyone desires to have a logo that is unique to them and will never be found in any other place. Stock photos will always be another person’s idea or inspiration and using them in your logo will deny you the chance to be creative. It will also deny our clients the chance to have a unique logo. Besides, you may never manage to capture or stimulate the right emotions when you rely on another person’s image in your logo design.

There is no originality in using stock photo

The other danger of using stock images in logo design is the fact they lack in originality. Stock Photos offer free resources accessible to millions of people in the world. It is important to realize that millions of designers rely on such photos and download a lot of them on a daily basis. If you decide to use one in your logo design, you risk downloading a photo that has been downloaded and used for several times.

By this virtue alone, your logo design will lack originality, and you should not be surprised if you came across similar logo just like yours on the internet. You will lose the “wow” element of the logo. Those who see it may fail to see any inspiration in the design process. If you are a designer who loves originality, you will not want to use the stock photos.

Stock Photos are costly in the long run

Stock photos may be appealing if you need a quick fix for the design because you can get them quite cheaply and easily. However, you should not forget that cheap is always expensive in the long run. There are some direct costs involved in using stock photos in your logo other than the licensing fees, which in some cases may be very high, depending on the quality of the photo.

Again, it will take you a lot of time to scour through hundreds or even thousands of photos before you find the final one to use in your logo design. Besides, there are no guarantees that the stock photo will meet all your design purposes. Hence, using stock photos might just be a costly waste of time and resource compared to coming up with a design from scratch or using custom photos for the logo design.

Perfect logo or good enough logo

Before you decide on the image to use in your logo, you need to consider the goals and the vision of the logo. This should essentially come from the goals and objectives of the design as well as the kind of emotions you need to be evoked on those who will be seeing the image. Finding a stock photo that will meet such a specific is not easy.

In most of the times, you will use imagery close to what you wanted but not actually what will manage to meet all your design requirements. Essentially, stock photos will be “just good enough” but won’t let you have the perfect logo that will drive the brand of your business.

Stock photos are generic and boring in logo design

The other reason stock photos should never be used in logo design is because they are generic and very boring. It is very difficult to establish an immediate connection with the logo using a stock photo compared to a logo designed with a custom image.

By simply looking at logo with a stock photo, the audience will easily decipher that the image is not real or does not belong to the company hence you lose a chance to create an authentic connection with the audience. It implies that you have failed in creating credibility and trust with the potential audience, and this might cost the business regarding branding.

There are certain occasions when you might bump into very good quality stock images but as a professional designer, you should rely on your skills, expertise and intuition to use original images that will bring out the unique components of the logo.


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