Why Scale Is So Important In Graphic Design

Graphic Design Scale is just as important as the other elements of design.

The attention you give to elements like color, shape, typography, symbols, space and texture should be the same attention you give to scale.

Without checking on the scale as you design, you stand to compromise the entire work since it will have a direct impact on the final output.

As a matter of fact, scale will dictate the position and the spacing of every element of your design.

It guides and forms the visual coherence needed to emphasize on the aspects of design.

Therefore, ignoring scale in design is as well as not having any design.

It will not just be a betrayal of your professionalism.

But, also it is the fastest way to drive away clients due to less proportionate designs that will be of no use to them.

Graphic Design Scale

Graphic Design Scale creates relativity in graphic design

One of the considerations in graphics design is the relativity in sizes of the objects included in the design.

Relativity this aspect refers to how small or how big an element is when compared to other elements in the same design.

By using the right scale, designers have the ability to influence the relativity by making objects appear smaller or bigger when compared to others.

As a result, scale in design makes it possible to create a pecking order of the design elements.

Also, it gives a clear pictorial representation of the bigger elements which needs more attention to the smaller ones which might not need to a lot of attention.

When scaling is used in this manner, it allows for the creation of depth of field which makes the object seem either close or far away from one another.

Scale helps in creating motion effects in graphic design

With the current advancements in graphics design, there are powerful design tools such as LogoMaven, that make it possible to achieve a wide variety of effects in the design.

This is especially true when it comes to web designs where designers can use several technologies to create motion effects, including the use of animations.

But for print designs or designs that are not meant for the internet, applying such options may not be an easy task.

However, it is still possible to create motion effects through the proper application of scale in design.

To create motion effects in design using scales, all you have to do is alter the sizes of the various objects in the design then rotate them.

In this way, the objects will appear to be in a circular motion thus making the design look more dynamic.

Additionally, such dynamism can be added by varying the linear composition of elements used in the design.


Enhance variation in graphic design

There is one beautiful thing about graphic design and design, in general.

It is that you have the liberty to experiment with various elements to see their effects on the final output.

In the same manner, the use of scale in design gives designers the flexibility to try out elements of different sizes and to create a rich variation in the designs.

With such versatility, designers can use the Graphic Design Scale to apply unexpected sizes to certain elements in the design.

Designers can have a fun way of mixing up various aspects of the design.

For instance, scale in design can be used to enlarge a small object so as to make it conspicuous and change the entire looks and feel of the design.

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Creating hierarchy in graphic design scale

Without the use of scale in design, it will never be possible to create any sense of hierarchy in graphics design.

You can use scale in design to give emphasis on the most important to the least important items in the design.

In addition to this, you can also use scale in design to create typographical hierarchy in your design projects.

This will help the people who read the design to know and understand the order in which they are to read the text.

It is possible that you could achieve the same through the use of colors.

But scale is a perfect choice in this case because it gives relativity in the sizes and thus acts as a better guide for the viewer’s eyes as compared to colors.


Scale to emphasize the message

When designers want to emphasize in the message of their design, they normally like to use a conspicuous color.

These colors will draw attention and make people read the message.

But the other way to get such attention in the designs is simply to make the message bigger than every other element on the page.

There is no better way to make things bigger other than using scale in design.

The good thing about using scale in design in this manner is that you won’t have to worry about changing other components such as color and typography.

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