Five Steps to a Branding Strategy for New Businesses

The marketplace is in a constant battle where your victory is not determined by the sophistication of your artillery but by the effectiveness of your brand. This is why businesses are spending millions and millions of dollars in branding and marketing so that they can have a strong brand identity to make their presence felt in the market. When this is achieved, the business will reap the benefits of having a loyal brand ready to purchase from them at any time of the night or day.

For a small business, however, it is always a struggle to even have a substantial brand following. But it should be reiterated that the businesses that are not seeing any success with their branding are probably doing it the wrong way. If you are a new business, and you are looking forward to having success with your marketing and branding, it is imperative for you to have a strong branding strategy. Here are five tips to help you come up with a winning strategy when developing your brand-:

Identify your target audience

All your branding efforts will go down the drain if you are not in a position to identify your target audience. If you get your target audience right, you shall have won the first and the major battle in branding your business. You need to know in great depths detailed information about your target audience so that you have a clear picture of who they are.

For instance, demographic data such as sex, age, marital status, and income levels amongst others will help you in knowing the best approach to reach them so that they respond to your marketing messages. Having a good knowledge of your audience will also give you a thorough understanding of their pains and fears which you can exploit in your branding strategy for greater responses from the audience.

Unique Value Position (UPS)

There are definitely other players in your industry whom have been in the business longer than you have because you are just starting out. But this should not be a condemnation and imply that you cannot compete with them effectively. With a good branding strategy and unique selling proposition, you can quickly win their hearts and give them every reason they need to do business with you.

Your unique selling proposition refers to the main benefits that the target audience will be getting from your business. It is out of the USP that you will get to sell your products and services. Essentially, your unique selling proposition should be derived from the pains and fears of your target audience so that you provide them with a solution to something that has been a bother to them.

It should also be compelling and strong enough to move the hearts of the target audience and make them take the desired action. The USP in most cases is the pivot of every effective branding strategy you will ever come across.

Consider your branding materials

Now that you have a picture of who your target audience is, and you have also found unique selling position, it is now time to put out your brand and let it be seen by your target audience. This is another important step in the branding of a new business. Consider the kind of branding materials you will use to reach your target audience. These include logos, business cards, banners, posters, letterheads, etc.

All these materials should be designed in a manner that they effectively communicate your main marketing message, which is also your unique selling position. It is important that the branding materials be customized to target only your audience and not for the general public. Using the services of a professional graphic designer will help you at this stage of branding strategy since they know how to use graphics to communicate to your target audience.

Consistency in message

While you consider your branding materials in developing your branding strategy, it is very important that you stay consistent in all the materials used. This is not just about graphics and colors used in the materials. It is imperative that you maintain a consistent voice and message in all the materials. By doing so, you will create coherence across the various branding materials you use and your customers will easily identify your brand whenever they see it in different mediums.

Evaluate the results

The best way to know about the effectiveness of your branding strategy is to evaluate the results a regular basis. This might mean that you have to test a lot of different components of the strategy to know which ones are bringing good results. Tweaking your branding strategy in this manner will make you have a more refined approach which in turn will help you build a very strong brand.

Use these tips for coming up with a winning brand strategy for your business. But while you do so, have in mind that it takes time, effort and money to build a successful and sustainable brand.

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