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Every industry has particular people who played significant roles into shaping them to what they are today. The contributions of such people in molding the industry will forever be appreciated by those who join in later on. In the field of graphic design, there are certain great graphic designers whom have offered inspiration and acted as mentors to thousands if not millions of young designers over the years. Though some may have departed from us, their names remain etched in the history of graphics designs as some of the leaders the industry ever had. If you are in this field, then you should already be aware of the following famous graphic designers-:

Paula Scher

Our list of the leading graphics designers begins with someone considered as one of the leading female graphic designers in the present times. Paula Scher is an American national who has made immense contribution to the branding and identity of big names in the world such as New York City Ballet, NYC Transit, Microsoft and MOMA. These are part of her finest works and if you appreciate design for any reasons, you will agree that she has the skills and the talent to influence by just using graphic design.

Her most recent assignment was the creation of the new Microsoft Windows 8 Logo and this is well documented for every interested designer to see what led to the awesome logo that now graces millions of computer screens across the world.

Neville Brody

Neville Brody is an English designer, art director and a typographer. He came into the graphics design limelight during the 1980s following his art editing of the UK Magazine The Face. He is also well remembered for another of his art editing works of the Arena Magazine as well as the redesigning of the record covers for top artists such as Depeche Mode and Voltaire.

In the recent years, Neville has founded research studios and played great roles in the redesign of the Times Magazine and the BBC websites. Due to his impeccable works, Neville Brody has found his way into the books of the famous graphics designers in the living times.

David Carson

David Carson is the art director of Music and Lifestyle Magazine known as Ray Gun. This magazine will always rank him amongst the most famous graphic designers. Following his works at the publication, he became one of the most influential graphic designers in the mid 1990s. During his hey days, he invented the grunge typography and this elevated him to the levels of a genius in the design design.

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan was born in Australia, but is now a New York based typographer and graphic designer. Stefan introduced himself to the world of graphics design over 20 years ago when he did a naked shot. However, that was just the beginning of the streak of jobs he was to later do which made him earn recognition as one of the most famous graphic designers still alive today. His unique approach in design is considered to be conceptual and thought provoking making him to be a particularly unique breed in the world of graphics design. His most recent works include the jobs he did for AIGA as well as his magnificent album artwork done for Lou Reed.

Sagmeister has also made immense contributions in, designed branding and packaging for various clients such as the Rolling Stones, Time Warner, HBO, Guggenheim Museum and many more.

Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is one of those individuals whose names will forever remain in the books of world’s most famous graphic designers for a very long time. He was the creator of one logo that turned out to be the most copied and the most adored in the entire universe – the I Love NY logo. He created this logo way back in 1977 to be used by the city authorities for promoting tourism in the city of New York.

There is more to this man Glaser than the adorable I Love NY logo. Some of his masterpieces include the works he did for DC Comics, Bob Dylan and the Brooklyn Brewery. These designs will still feature prominently as top graphics designs and Milton Glaser will also continue to be remembered as one of the leading graphic designers the world ever knew.

Alan Fletcher

It is difficult to mention the names of leading graphics designers and fail to remember some whose designs still make strong impacts across the world. One such guy is Alan Fletcher. Alan is a British who’s hey days were during the 1970s and 1980s. If you have heard of the Pentagram, then you will be surprised to learn that he is one of the founding partners. His main areas of specialization lies in identity design and book designs. One of his most conspicuous and notable designs is the VA and this is just one but of the plethora of great graphics he ever did.

If you have the determination to work hard as well and master your craft, your name could one day be featured among the list of famous graphic designers.

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