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Continuous education is imperative for getting polished as a professional in any field. It becomes even more important if you are doing your trade in versatile industries like technology or design. With industries like these, things move so fast, and you have to improve your skills and knowledge consistently if you want to remain at the top of your game.

As a professional, the last thing you want is to be rendered redundant due to your inability to adapt to the changes in the industry. Presented here are some of the best resources for continuous education in the logo design field-:

Logo Design Books

Graphics designs books are some of the best places where you are guaranteed to get solid logo design education. This is because such books have been written by proficient designers who have the knowledge in graphics design and have practiced for a number of years such that they now have the authority to pass on their knowledge to others.

Such resources are also excellent sources for logo design education for amateurs or those who are just starting out with logo design. Here are some of the best books you can start with if you need to increase your knowledge and proficiency in logo design-:

How To – How To is a book written by Massimo Vignelli and Michael Bierut. These are some of the best designers alive in the current generation and learning logo design from them will put you on the right path in this lucrative profession. Also considered as a designer’s manual and manifesto, How To provides clear explanations of the design concepts as well as other tiny details in design that can only be learnt from the experts.

Lance Wyman: The Monograph – The Monograph by Lance Wyman is another great resource for logo design education ideal for all levels of experience in logo design. The book essentially is a showcase of all the works by Lance Wyman, with some dating back to when he used to work for General Motors.

Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes – symbols and logotypes are the core of every logo design project. If you want to enhance your logo design education and improve your use of symbols and logotypes in design, then this is the book you need.

Champagne and Was Canyon – This is an entertaining book and also educating at the same time. It was written by a freelance art and illustration director, and it will give you all the logo design education you need if you are interested in working as a freelance in the logo design and the graphics design industries in general.

New Perspective on Typography – this is another great logo design education book for typophiles and designers alike. It gives you a comprehensive approach to design and showcases the design works of over 100 reputable designers featuring names like Philippe Apeloig, Antony Burrill and David Peardon.

Logo Design Events

IN addition to the graphics design books, industry events is another place where people interested in getting logo design education can turn to. The events is known to attract some of the best industry players, and they provide a forum for like-minded people to discuss various issues affecting the design industry.

Other than getting first hand logo design education from such events, they are superb places for meeting new people and enlarging your professional network so that you can continue to penetrate the design industry and stay at the top of your craft. The following are some of top events in the industry that are worth attending if you are looking to increase your logo design education-:

  • D& D Professional Awards
  • Design Indaba Event
  • OFFSET Event
  • Generate New York
  • F5 Design Conference
  • 99U Conference
  • What Design Can Do Event
  • Typo Berlin
  • Semi-Permanent Event
  • OFFF Barcelona
  • Reasons to be Creative Conference
  • Brand Impact Awards
  • London Design Festival
  • Brand New Conference
  • AIGA Design Conference
  • Pixel Show

Logo Design Blogs

The other sure place to get quality logo design education is from the logo design blogs. The beauty of blogs lies in their ability to be updated on a regular basis hence the information you get from such sources are guaranteed to be useful and very current. Here are a few blogs worth checking out: Creative Bloq, Logo Pond, Logo Design Love, LogoMoose, LogoGala, LogoLounge, Logo of the Day, Creattica, Brand New, Logospire and Logoed.

Logo Design Forums

Finally, logo design forums can also be used to get quality logo design education. With the interactive nature of the forum, you shorten your learning curve because you will share in real time with other members and you can get answers to any challenges you encounter along your path as a logo designer. Some of the top forums ideals for logo design education include Graphic Design Forum, HowDesign Forum, Estetica Forum, and All Graphic Design Forum.

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