How to Improve Your Resume as a Designer

If you are hoping to find a job as a graphics designer, it is imperative to have an impeccable graphic design resume. It is appalling to note the way many graphic designers are failing to get good jobs despite their skills and experience simply because they don’t have a well written resume. In as much as you may be talented with the skills and knowledge in design, without a well written resume, your chances of getting your dream job in the industry will always be slim.

This is because your graphics design resume is the first thing the potential employer will look at before asking you anything. If they don’t feel impressed by the presentation of your resume, they may not invite you for an interview to give you a chance prove yourself and your skills in design. Therefore, be very vigilant when working on your resume to increase your chances of being hired. Here are a few tips to help you polish up your graphic design resume-:

Use the correct verb when writing about your skills

It is recommended that you use action verbs rather than using personal pronoun, “I” when writing about your skills in your graphic design resume. Preferably, you should use active verbs and tenses when making reference to your skills, duties and accomplishments.

Short but to the point bullet points

If you use bullet points in the graphic design resume, they should be short and precise. There is always a temptation to use lofty and redundant language hoping to fill up space so that your resume looks packed. Unfortunately, this will work against you. Those who will be going through your resume will have dozens others to go through and if they are unable to find what they are looking for in yours, it will find its way into the recycle bin faster than you can spell your mother’s maiden name. Therefore, ensure that the bullet points are used clearly and concisely as it will also show your ability to communicate effectively.

Format your graphic design resume chronologically

Some people seeking graphic design jobs are fond of stating their experience by grouping them or listing them according the job functions. This is ill advised since managers would like to see a progression on your development from the time you started out as a graphic designer to the present.  The best method would be to format your graphic design resume in a reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent jobs as you work backwards to your earlier assignments.

Customize your resume for each application

Have something like a template graphic design resume upon which you will tailor each resume according to the specific applications you will be making. This is so that you find it easy to give highlights to the particular qualifications that are directly related to the positions you are applying for. Sometimes, this might mean that you will have to reorder the bullet points or you do away with certain skills which might not be very relevant to position you are applying for.

Additionally, it is advisable that you mention the specific terms you find in the job description and for which you are making application. These might include terms like “project manager, lead graphic designer etc”. The reason for doing so is because with the current digital age, there are some companies who will scan applications for such keywords and if you used them, you shall have increased visibility to your graphic design resume.

Send resume by mail

Most applicants have been crippled by the digital age such that they can only send their graphic design resumes to recruiters via online only. The applicants who send such applications by mail usually end up standing out from their online counterparts. For increased chances of your resume getting noticed therefore, it would be a good idea to also send your resume by mail. But while doing so, you have to careful about certain things like ensuring that you use high quality, 100% bond stationery and with appropriate colors.

Also, if you are sending your resume to an advertising agency, consider using a shade different from the traditional ivory. If the application is going to a conservative organization, however, it would be okay to use the normal ivory. Additionally, remember to use a typography that is simple and easy to read, irrespective of where you are sending your graphic design resume.

Using these tips and of course giving clear references in your graphic design resume should be sufficient enough to land you an interview where you will have a chance to show the employer that you are the right fit for the job. But ignoring them won’t give you any competitive edge amongst your fellow applicants and your resume will never be recognized by any serious employers.

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