Global Design Events That You Won’t Want to Miss

Global Design Events that You Won’t Want to Miss

There are various global design events held in different locations all throughout the years. These events have paramount importance to every designer. It is in such meetings where you meet like-minded designers meet and share a few insights regarding the design profession. They also offer an ideal forum for various stakeholders in the industry to share developments and chat the way forward in improving designing in many aspects.

It is also important to point out that it is during such events that outstanding designers in various fields get to be recognized and awarded for their contributions and activities in the industry. Therefore, if you are a designer, you need to take note of such global design events and make an effort of attending as many as possible.

Listed here are some of the major events watched by most designers worldwide. Be sure to attend them the next time you get a chance:

D&AD Professional Awards

D&AD Professional Awards is not an even per se, but it is worth booking in every designer’s diary. It is one of the biggest design competitions where participants submit design works in various categories for a chance to win some fabulous prizes. Entries to this event usually open in February with the announcing of the results and the winners coming late in April.

What Design Can Do

What Design Can Do is an annual global design event that seeks to evaluate the impacts of design on various industries. It brings together a group of internationally acclaimed designers to investigate the power of design as an agent of social renewal for two good days. It is especially ideal for designers from all disciplines who would like to manifest the social potential of the design profession. Expect to get wonderful discussions around design future strategies, lots of workshops and, of course, a plethora of networking opportunities.

Design Indaba

Design Indaba is a creative festival that takes place every February in Cape Town. Being one of the most established design events, it attracts diverse and lively participants cutting across various niches in design including graphics, product, art, architecture amongst other design disciplines. It will excite you to note that the event attracts close to 3,500 designers for three days of sharing and discussing matters design. It is an awesome event to network besides sampling the awesome culture of the people of South Africa.


OFFSET was held for the very first time in 2009 in Dublin Ireland, and since then, it has established itself as one of the top global design events every designer wants to attend. It shares the same home with the imposing Bord Gaise Energy Theatre situated on the banks of River Liffey in Dublin.

It is a three-day creative conference that attracts a wide range of speakers from the various design disciplines, including animation, graphics, advertising, illustrations, fashion, film and beyond. One attractive feature of the OFFSET that you get a chance to interact with the speakers, not just on stage alone but also you can meet them for further discussions in more intimate rooms where you can freely ask questions. With this kind of experience, you should make the OFFSET one of the global design events that you should never miss.

Generate New York

Generate New York is a global design event organized by NET Magazine and qreative Blog. This is the event you need to attend if you would like to meet the big names in web design industry featuring designers like Joon Yong Park, Mike Monteiro and Val Head. You will also enjoy the rich variety of speakers that usually grace the event to teach, inspire and network with the other designers from around the globe.


F5 also ranks as one of the top global design events that need to be attended by every designer, especially those keen on learning and adopting new design trends before the masses become aware of them. The two day event takes place in New York, and it brings together various industry players to discuss and shape new standards in design and media. If you feel that you are a future-minded designer with the ability to create lasting change in the world of design, then this event is for you.


Semi-Permanent is one of the largest events of its kind dedicated to spreading art and design inspirations. It is usually a weeklong event full of activities such as film and art, graphics design, animation, graffiti, stop motion, motion graphics, photography, visual effects, web design amongst others. Also prominently featured during this global design event are side events that include exhibitions, workshops, parties and competitions.

These are only a few of the global design events you can watch out for, but there are still others not mentioned here. Also, there will always be new events being introduced each year geared towards specific issues relating to the design world. Such events are very powerful for the development of every designer, irrespective of the field.

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