Let’s Take A Look at the Oldest Logos

A Look at the Oldest Logos

Company logos have always been important branding tools long before the concepts of global marketing campaigns; social media and television commercials were in use. Through the years, businesses have undergone different changes in an attempt to rebrand and gain wider appeal across their target audience. Due to this, most companies have altered their logos considerably with some introducing completely new designs with no correlation with the first ones. Other logos, however, have displayed incredible staying power and have remained the same for many decades or even centuries since the companies were founded. Though, most of the oldest logos in the world have managed to retain some of their important visual elements though others have been slightly altered.

But while the logos undergo changes and all sorts of alterations, the original intent behind the company’s logo will always be preserved and rarely known to many consumers. For instance, Shell started off as a shipping company that transported kerosene to India then brought back shells to sell in Europe. Hence, they used a shell image as part of their logo, and this has been retained to date, making it one of the oldest logos in the world.

Many companies also like retaining their original logos and use their longevity as a selling point to their customers. It is also a show that they haven’t lost roots to their founding principles, and this works to add a lot of credibility to the company before their clients.

Listed below are some of the oldest logos in the world that are still in use today. They still have a strong international presence, and they haven’t been altered significantly from the very first designs.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois logo was first used in 1336 when the company was founded in Belgium. Though the company has experienced numerous changes in management for the centuries they have been in operations, they still retain the very initial logo featuring a horn and a star resting above the name label. Presently, Stella Artois is not just found in Belgium alone, but it is present in more than 80 countries around the globe. It’s also important to point out that it is the leading Belgian beer in the international markets.











Twinning Tea

Twinning Tea logo makes it as one of the oldest logos in the world, having been around for over two centuries since the company was founded in 1887. The logo features capitalized fonts under a crest of a lion, and it has been used continuously without any alteration for the period that the London-based company has been in operations.

At the inception of the company, tea consumption did not feature a lot in the lives of many people in Britain. Coffee, beer and gin dominated most of the breakfast during the early years of the 18th century. But towards the end of the century, tea became one of the popular drinks, thus boosting Twinning Tea and in the process enhancing the brand. After ten generations, Twinning Tea is still a family owned business with a global presence and its logo makes it to the list of one of the oldest logos in the world.

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Bass Ale

Bass Ale Company was founded in 1777, but their current logo has been in used since 1876. The logo features a red triangle with the word “Bass” written beneath it. One interesting fact about this one of the oldest logos in the world is that it was the first registered trademark ever to be issued by the British government. The simplicity of the design helped the company become one of the leading beer producers in London during the late 19th century.










Shell Oil

Shell Company was incorporated in 1897 as a shipping company that shipped kerosene to India then brought back seashells to sell in the British markets. The company later merged with Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and retained the logo that is now synonymous with the energy giant. The first Shell service station was opened in California in 1915, and this is the time when the yellow and the red color schemes were introduced. The Shell logo remains to be one of the oldest logos in the world, and the company is currently worth $260 billion.

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Levi Strauss & Co

Levi’s logo was first used in 1886. It featured two horses, and it was used as a method of growing the market share before the patent of the jean making process expired. The logo became so popular that customers started referring Levi products as “those pants with two horses” giving birth to the Two Horse Brand until later on in 1929 when Levi Strauss trademarked the name, Levi. It is now one of the oldest logos in the world, and the company employs over 16,000 employees worldwide.

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Sherwin Williams

The Sherwin-William Logo was first used in 1905, and it hasn’t undergone many alterations since then. The only changes on the logo of this manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of paints are the addition of the red and blue color and the writings “Cover the Earth”. The initial concept has been retained, and since the logo has been in use consistently for more than a century, it makes it to the list of the oldest logos in the world.

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