Five Unusual Trends in Business Card

Five Unusual Trends in Business Card

Business cards remain one of the most important tools for any serious business-minded individual in the world today. They are not just ideal for promoting brands and sharing contact details, they also play a crucial as far as image presentation is concerned. Every business owner desires to create a good first impression with their business cards hence it pays to have a stylish and uniquely design business card.

With everything moving so fast in the world of business and technology, various trends in the design as well as functionality of the business cards have now become very evident. People are trying to pass across more information with the cards and not just name and contact details alone. The designs are also no longer generic. Rarely will you find the rectangular shaped cards as businesses are adopting shapes relevant to their products and services. Presented here are a few of the unique trends in business cards today-:

Business Cars with QR Codes

The inclusion of QR codes in business makes them very effective in providing a lot more relevant information to the recipients. Such codes are printed on the cards, and they can be read using various Smart phone applications. This is a unique, and also an unusual trend since it brings together technology and the traditional business cards to offer more information to the holders of such cards. The other beauty of using such QR codes in business cards is that they provide a humongous marketing opportunity to the business owners.

Interactive Business Cards

The other unusual business card trend is the design and production of interactive business cards. These cards came into light in 2012 and their adoption seems to be on a very strong uptrend, three years later. This can be attributed to the awesome design capabilities that these business cards trend to present to business owners.

With the advancements in the printing industry, the looks of these cards are expected to improve owing to the possibility that they can be printed in 3D. Though these business cards don’t offers a lot of marketing opportunities to the businesses, their fascination is strong enough to attract attention and make people take keen note of the brand featured in the business card.

Fun Shaped Business Cards

Gone are the days when the only shapes you could find for a business card had to be the generic rectangular, wallet sized cards. Businesses are eager to explore other areas of creativity by using fun shaped cards to attract the attention of the recipients, besides illustrating using shapes their various kinds of products and services.

But even as businesses adopt the use of fun shaped business cards, it is imperative not to overdo it such that the recipient will get distracted from the important contact details because they are looking at the shape of the card. This beats the spirit and letter of giving out the card, even though it looks trendy and appealing to the eyes.

3D Business Card Designs

If you are in the creative industry and you want something that will wow your potential clients, besides displaying your design prowess, then you have every reason to know about 3D business card design. It is the desire of every business to have their clients look at their cards whenever they are in need of any service or product and call them immediately. 3D business cards are guaranteed to attract the attention of the potential clients from the many cards they have in their drawers and this will increase their likelihood of calling your business if you have these kinds of cards.

Cards made from unique materials

This is not really a unique trend in business card design, but rather an escalation of a trend that has been around for some time. People in various industries have used different materials to make their business cards, but what we are experiencing now is something completely unusual.

Due to the need to get the attention of the potential clients whom the cards are given to, some businesses are using unique materials in creating their business cards. Some of these materials include wood, silver, steel, x-ray etc. The beauty of using such unique materials is that they are also attractive leading to very fine looking business cards.

Simple but elegant business cards

People used to shun simplicity in design a few years ago, but surprisingly, it seem like designers are rushing against time back to simplistic designs. We are currently witnessing different types of business cards designed in simple but elegant manner.

These types of cards are ideal for corporate who still hold on to strong corporate practices or professions that does not have a lot of room for being casual. But it is good to point out that since the cards feature simple designs, they don’t offer a lot of distractions to the readers hence they are still very effective in branding and giving contact details to potential clients.


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