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The 5 Worst Fonts That You Must Avoid

The 5 Worst Fonts that you must avoid

Fonts play a huge role in graphics design. With a plethora of fonts to choose from, designers have the liberty to use fonts to their advantage and bring out a wide range of effects. But just as it pays to know the best fonts to use in your designs, it pays even much better to know the worst fonts to use.

Wrong font choice has the potential of not just ruining your design but also putting to doubt your prowess as a graphic designer. It is why it’s crucial to know which fonts to use for which project and the ones you should always avoid like plague and never use in any of your graphic design projects. Listed here are the 5 worst fonts to use when designing. Take keen note of them.

Comic Sans MS

This is the basic Windows font installed in your computer when you are booting up Windows. It was designed by Vincent Cornare in 1994, and it was intended as a child oriented font. Its inspiration came from comic books in his office back then and he thought that the font would be ideal for writing speech bubbles but not general communication. However, many people have fallen in love with this font until its use has now become a cliché. But this is not the reason why it is one of the worst fonts to use.

The main reason why you should never use this font is that it is childish. It doesn’t have any formality, though you will see it being used in formal events and some formal letters. Restrict its use only when you are working on a children website or designing kid’s birthday invitation. It will be a gross mistake to use it in for business sites or when working on warning signs or on other official forms of communication.


Papyrus font came into existence in 1983 as a result of Chris Costello’s work. Its inspiration came from the pre-modern writings on the leaves of the papyrus trees. It is true that the design and the subsequent use of this font were noble, but now it is considered as one of the worst to use in your designs.

The passionate hate on this font comes from that it has been duly overused, until its now saturated and very boring to look at. It has been the signature font for signboards, advertisements, captchas, books, banners and whole lot of other typographical designs.

As one of the worst fonts to use in your designs, you must stop using the papyrus font forthwith or else your designs will be generic, boring and will show that no life at all.

Curlz MT

The Curlz MT is another font considered as the worst fonts to use in design during this time and age. This loathsome font was the creation of Steve Matteson and Carl Corssgrove in 1995 and it was primarily intended to be used for party invitations. After its introduction and adoption, it took the same path as comic sans font in the sense that it became the mainstream font, until it reached a level that people were sick and tired of it.

Besides, it lacks formality and authority hence you can never use it where coat-and-tie events are involved. Again using it in designs like warning signs makes it appear like some kind of a sick joke and no one will ever take such a warning seriously.

Since the font has been overused and it appears virtually in most of the designs, you should designate it as one of the worst fonts in design and use better alternative even if you have a special love for it.

Courier New

Courier New is another font that makes it to the list of the worst fonts to use in design. It is one of the oldest fonts in the world, having been designed and sold to IBM way back in 1955. It was used for typewriter print and this why it was sold to IBM since IBM was manufacturing typewriters by that time. Other than being almost in a state of deprecation, the font lack dignity and prestige and since typewriters are no longer in use, it deserves to remain in the bin of worst fonts to use in design.

Bradel Hand ITC

Bradel Hand ITC font was designed by Richard Bradley and it was intended be a font for non-formal communication. However, the font makes it as one of the worst fonts to use in design due to the fact that it is readily available hence it’s being massively abused. It features heavily in designs such as school announcements, posters, bulletin boards, story books, invitation cards, etc. Due to the need for freshness and originality, this font no longer appeals to many designers since no one wants to be a copycat.

This is not exhaustive in any way but it gives an indication of some of the worst fonts to use in design. Do your own research to uncover more so that you can stay fresh and pragmatic in your designs.

Use these royalty fonts instead!

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