The Best Free Color Tools for Graphic Designers

The color is one of the core components of a great logo. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the design, color has a way of eliciting various emotional responses that determine how the potential clients will react to the logo. It is, therefore, imperative for every designer to enhance their proficiency in the use of colors so that they can always get it right most of the times.

Unless you are a designer who has specialized in the creation of the vintage black and white designs, you will most certainly have to use an assortment of color tools to make the process of choosing and playing around with colors easier for you. Here are some of the best free color tools that every graphic designer should add to their design arsenal-:

Color Hexa

Color Hexa is a cool color tool for both graphics and web designers. This tool enables you to get all the information you need about a particular color. It will let you know if the color is safe for the web and also suggest for you shades, schemes, and stints that will possible blend well with that color. Additionally, it presents you with various color codes and also help you visualize how the visually impaired will see the color.

Color Hunter

Just as the name of the tool suggests, this graphics design color tool will go out hunting color information for you. All you have to do is to enter either the image URL or upload an image to the tool then it will produce a comprehensive color palette for the image. The Color Hunter tool is an awesome tool if you are looking for inspirations for an image or an artwork project.

Check My Colors

Check My Color is a free color tool which makes it easy for designers to get the right color combination for backgrounds and foregrounds for various dome elements and help in deciding if the applied contrast is okay or not. Though the tool is primarily designed for web designers, a graphic designer working on projects intended for use in websites will find it an amazing tool as well. This is not to mention artists interested in working with large advertisement projects such as posters and banner advertisements.


ColorZilla is an extension for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is one of the must have color tools for both web and graphic designers. It allows you to pick any color on your computer screen with great precision then all you have to do is to copy paste the color into your designs.

Contrast Studio

If you have any problems setting the colors of your design, or you want to be sure about the readability of the text you use, then this is the right color tool for you. The Contrast Studio will grade the contrast of the colors you are interested in using then make for you a helpful suggestion regarding the best ways to apply those colors to your designs.

TinEye Labs

TinEye Labs is an awesome color tool for those interested in using images of specific colors in layouts or when making mockups for their designs. With this tool, all you have to do is to pick a color then it will make useful suggestions on cool images that are likely to do well with your designs. No need to worry about the copyrights of the images provided by this tool since they all belong to the Creative Common images.

Color Names

Most graphic designers know colors by just observing them or mastering their color codes, but they are never sure about the specific names of the colors they use. If you want to increase your proficiency in color names, then this is the right tool you will ever need. The tool has up to 147 colors whose names you can learn so that you name them properly all the time. This will help you become a better designer so that you can impress your fellow peers or probably your date when she walks into the studio and asks you the name of some colors.

Spy Color

Spy Color is another awesome free color tool that every designer needs to have. It offers distinct information about any color including the various conversion models such as CMYK, RGB, etc. With every color page, the designer will get variations in schemes such as clash, triadic, monochromatic, complimentary and analogous colors amongst others

Mudcube Color Sphere

With Mudcube Color Sphere, you get a chance to know all hex numbers for all the colors so that you develop a compact and a comprehensive color scheme for the various shades you are interested in using. MudCube Color Sphere has lots of themes to choose from, and it can be a very handy and useful resource for beginners just starting out with colors in graphics design.

These free color tools for graphics designers and web designers will help you immensely in mastering colors and increasing your proficiency in using colors for different design applications.

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