How a Client Can Really Annoy Their Graphic Designer

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It is not always easy to make a graphic designer mad. This is because the profession requires them to be patient and accommodating individuals so that they can keenly listen to all the demands of their clients and offer every possible solution. They can tolerate most of the ignorance displayed by customers and will always try to keep everything cool.

However, there are certain instances when the designer can really get mad. In most cases, it happens when they get a feeling that their intelligence in graphics design has been insulted or if the client if being unnecessarily stubborn. Here are some of the ways by which a client can really annoy their graphic designers-:

Ask them to work for free

The fastest and the easiest way a client can get their designers mad is to ask them to work for free with the promise of a positive review or helping them build their portfolio. This is not just derogatory but also insulting. The designer has taken his time and resources to learn his trade with the main reason of using the skills for financial gains and here you are asking for free services! However new or inexperienced the designer might appear, their intention is to give the client value for their money, and they will always be mad if you ask for free services.

Compare them with other designers

This is a complete turn off for many designers and if you ever try to compare them to other designers, they are likely to reject your offer. It is a fact that there are millions of other designers in the world, and you need to understand that each one is unique regarding quality and pricing amongst other attributes. Before you tell a designer about others offering $5 services on the internet or producing ten logos in one day, take a moment and look at their portfolio because you annoy them with such comparisons.

Haggle Forever

It is okay for a client to haggle so that they can services at rates which they can comfortably afford. However, haggling is only allowed at the beginning of the project. Once the designer has completed your work, you should know that you will be getting what you had paid for. Certain clients are fond of haggling even when the project has commenced and the designer is already deep in the design. Understand that the design industry is a creative market and not some fish market where you can haggle and make changes as much as you want.

Ask them to edit flat files

This usually arises from the client’s ignorance of the various files formats with regards to the ones which can be edited and the ones which are not editable. Most of the flat files are not editable so don’t send them over to your designer and ask them to edit them. The way to avoid annoying your graphic designer in this manner is to send original files with the editable layers. Most of the final artworks will be saved in PDF, some of which are editable but most of them can’t be edited. JPEGS and PNG files are also not editable.

Send them low-resolution images

In most of the graphic design assignments, the graphic designer may need to scale images and it is very difficult to do so without compromising on the sharpness of the image. To avert this, it is imperative to use high-resolution images. However, most clients send their graphic designers images in word formats or ask them to download from websites on the internet.

This is annoying because the customer may to ask that the logo be made bigger, yet the image sent can’t allow for that. Due to this, the designers are usually very mad when they receive low-resolution images from you, yet you will expect high quality work from them.

Ask them to make the logo bigger

Related to the above, a graphic designer does not like hearing the clients asking them to make the logo bigger. It is important to understand that the logo is part of the artwork and the whitespace at times may be a deliberate move by the designer to give the design some breathing space. Therefore, asking the designer to make the logo bigger is like guiding them on how to do the design yet they are the professionals. They find this to be demeaning to them, and most of them will get mad.

Expect unlimited revisions

The other way to annoy your graphic designer is to expect that they will offer you unlimited revisions. Before every project, there is a brief. The designer uses the brief to quote the project and give timelines depending on how long the project would take. Once you mutually agree on the terms of the project, how then can you expect unlimited revisions, unless you want to annoy the designer?

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