How to Make a Beautiful Logo in 2016

There are countless logo design trends to watch out for in the year 2016. Some of the best logo designs all follow specific themes in design and every client is bound to have some different ideas when it comes to what makes a beautiful logo. Industry standards can somewhat dictate what is described as beautiful for the current time. Here are some top tips on following design trends for 2016 and how you can create a beautiful logo that suits the top modern design trends:

Flat logo design: a flat or minimalist logo design is one of the top trends of 2016. You can often find this flat design available from a logo generation tool and it can be an impressive feature for showcasing your logo against a modern landscape of competition. In the early 2000’s the trend was placed towards 3-D logos whereas in 2016 more people are opting for the use of a flat logo design. It’s this style that has become the new standard for an eye-catching design and this is definitely the style that you need to emulate to stay ahead of the curve.

Quality typography that scales: there can be nothing more unprofessional than typography and logos that don’t scale across responsive web designs. A high quality vector image for all of your logos and typography will ensure that you can resize your logo design and full typefaces across your website design no matter which platform it happens to be displayed on.

Hand-drawn style: Although hand-drawn style may sound like a lot of effort you can often find this art style with plenty of logo generators online. Emulating this design can be one of the best ways that you can create a more personal design style for your brand. Part of the appeal of hand-drawn logos is that they look authentic in a world of logos where we are used to seeing highly processed digital images.

Using line art: Line art in your logo can be an excellent way that you can make your logo look more like a stamp or a badge. Line art follows the minimalist style of many logos today and it’s an excellent way that you can create a logo in one solid color. Normally line art logos are created using black colors and their often combined with a number of simple graphics. Using line art can be an excellent way that you can have a simple logo that’s easy to scale and easy to incorporate into your user interface design. Line art and stamp style logos are only increasing in their popularity.

Modern retro: Retro designs are a very big aspect of the industry right now. When people started to use retro designs in the year 2015 the trend was far too big to stop for the year 2016. Modern retro is a style that showcases some of the shapes and text styles commonly found in older versions of logos only matched with a flat and more traditional modern style. These designs showcase the ability of an authentic logo to breathe authenticity even into a modern and heavily processed logo.

Dynamic themes: dynamic color palettes and logos that look great in print can be a beautiful way to express your brand. A logo that can change regularly but still retains many of the same features is an excellent way to consistently turn heads with your branding. Dynamic themes can be something as simple as changing the base color of one element of your logo or changing one simple symbol in your logo for different versions or departments within your company.

Keep some of these ideas in mind if you need to create highly sought after logo designs in 2016.

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