How to Help Clients Choose a Font

How to Help Clients Choose a Font

How to help clients choose a font? Graphic designer’s job description entails a lot other than just sitting behind a computer and churning out design after design. It sometimes includes helping the clients make the right choices as far as choosing a font are concerned. Many are the times when clients make proposals that seem not to be feasible, but it is the duty of the designer to offer advice and direction in such instances to ensure the successful completion of each and every project.

How to choose a font is one such area that many designers find themselves working a lot with the clients. Knowing how to choose a font is such as an important matter in design, and it requires all the attention from both the designer and the client. The right choice will lead to a great design that will meet the goals of the project, and it will also make it easy for the designer to work faster and more efficiently.  If you don’t know how to choose a font, you will waste lot of design time since the designer has to force other design aspects to match, but with no guarantees of a stellar outcome. So how exactly can a designer help a client choose the right font?

By considering the goals of the project

The goal of the project is the first consideration on how to choose a font style. Different design projects are meant for different purposes, and they are also targeting varied audiences. With the variety of fonts available, they can be used in design to create a wide range of impressions dependent on the particular goals that the design is aiming to achieve. A client should therefore not be guided by the aesthetics of the font, but rather, the impact it will create in the final design.

Legibility of the font

Since designs are aimed at passing on particular messages, the font used should be legible enough, so as to make it easy for the target audience to read and understand the message in the design. Again, the legibility of the font will be dictated by whether or not the design is for decorative purposes or it will be used for other reasons such as in the print media.

For instance, decorative fonts will always have low legibility since they are meant to attract attention while fonts meant for newspapers and novels will usually have high legibility. As a designer, you need to work together with the client and define an overall legibility that will cut across all the design. While considering legibility on how to choose a font, the following factors are worth considering-:

  • Choose fonts with conventional letterforms
  • Choose fonts with generous spacing
  • Choose fonts with a tall x-height


Next to legibility is the readability of the font. It is possible to use a font that is easily legible but does poorly when it comes to readability. Such factors determine the readability of a font as the style, color, tracking, size and every other property useful for overall impression. For example, if your focus for the design is to have high readability, then the client should settle for a style that will not hinder the audience’s ability to get the full meaning of the message.

It is important for the client to remember when thinking on how to choose a font that the message of the design comes first before the style. This doesn’t imply that the style is not important, but there should be a balance between the style and the effectiveness of the message being passed across.

Aspects of appropriateness

It is true that there are other fonts more suitable for design tasks compared to others. While helping the client choose a font, aspects of appropriateness will be determined by the designer’s experience of working with different fonts. It will be upon the designer to advise the client on the best fonts to use to let him have a great design at the end of the project. Aspects of appropriateness are in most cases determined by the intent of the design, the mood of the design, and the aesthetics desired for the design.

Technical Consideration

When all is said and done, the client will leave the designer to embark on the project. As much as you may consider a plethora of fonts to use in any design, you also need to consider the technicalities of using the fonts for the projects. For instance, you have to weigh other specifics of the design and evaluate if the font chosen will not be problematic at all.
Suppose the design is going to feature a lot of numbers, your ideal font should have the kind of numbers you are likely to use. A client may not have such finer details of design but as the professional, you need to bring to their attention the technical considerations involving the use of various fonts. Never ignore technical details on how to choose a font when with the client.

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