7 Common Graphic Design Mistakes

Don't make Oops Mistakes!

7 Common Graphic Design Mistakes

It is always the expectation of the client that the graphic designer will be detail oriented. Designers are usually expected to wear more than one hat at the same time. This frequently leads to simple mistakes that can end up ruining the overall aesthetic appeal of the final piece. If you are a budding designer, below are some of the common graphic design mistakes that even some pros find themselves making. Watch out for them to reduce your chances of becoming a victim:

Failing to understand the project brief

At the onset of every design project, the designer will be presented with a project brief by the client. This brief contains all the client requirements, and it should be used by the designer to envision the kind of work that a client wants. Many designers, however, are never patient to go through the brief and ensure that they understand every detail. If you are unable to get a clear mental picture of what the client wants, then you will not be in a position to meet their demands. As a solution, therefore, take the time to go through the brief in detail, make notes, brainstorm ideas and try to keep in touch with the client in case you need to seek for clarification or approval on modification.

Always working within the box

As a designer, you have the liberty to explore as much as you want so long as you keep the quality stellar and within the requirements of the clients. Many designers, however, are afraid of breaking out of the box. They are timid of using their intuition to try and come up with unique designs. This not only curtails your development as a graphic designer but also make you create flat, generic and boring designs. The solution to stop working in the box is to get creative and allow yourself the freedom to explore various design concepts for varied results. The client is paying for your creativity because they want unique designs. Hence, you should not let yourself get trapped in the box.

Overloading fonts on the same design

It is imperative that every work features clearly formatted designs to avoid cramming and distorting the intended image of conception. This is also the only way to create consistency and avoid many layers of fonts on the same piece. As a general rule, it is advisable to stick to two different fonts and vary the font weight if you need to create highlights on the same piece of work. The overloading of fonts is surprisingly one of the common graphic design mistakes that even professionals who have been in the industry for decades still make. Watch out for it lest you become a victim.

Failure to spell check for errors

As a graphic designer, there is nothing that replaces the need to be as detailed as possible, especially when working on a project dealing with printed work. Failure to spell check for errors is some of the notorious and very costly graphic design mistakes that befall many people. Can you imagine the consequences of printing the wrong phone number on a company’s billboard or on a nationwide print ad? These are the kinds of graphic design mistakes that can attract potential lawsuits if you are a freelance designer. To avoid such, all you have to do is to develop a detail oriented attitude and always double check before you submit the final design.

Overusing Stock Images

Stock images are immensely useful for designers who cannot hire professional photographers. But while you use stock images, be warned that there are quite a number of them that are very frequent in the design circuit. Since they have been used by other designers on many projects, using them will make your design be overly familiar. Simply reduce the temptation to use stock imagery as the focus of your design if you don’t want to have common designs. Just remember that if you think that the image is great, then other several designers might be holding the same opinion, hence, might have used the same photo on their work. As a designer, the last thing you need is to use something that might make people question your originality and proficiency in design.

Not showing your clients work in progress

Effective communication with clients is one of the most cited graphic design mistakes. It is especially prevalent with the new designers who have not gained adequate experience and confidence to show their work. It is crucial for every designer to follow up with the client and keep them updated on the progress of their assignments. The client will thus have a chance to critic the work and suggest corrections in good time before you go deep into the design. In addition to this, proper communication with the client is the difference between them coming back to you with more projects or going out to look for other designers.

Even though you may not be proficient in design yet, don’t allow yourself to be entangled with these graphic design mistakes. Always be conscious of them and try as much as possible to avoid making them.

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