Secrets to a Successful Social Media Branding Strategy

The rise of the social media has created such an impact in branding and marketing such that all businesses have now shifted their focus on how to exploit the social platforms for the growth of their brands. The platforms not only have humongous number of users, but also the users spend a considerable amount of their time interacting with one another, thus making it the perfect place for brand exposure. But the sheer size of the social media industry is not guarantee of success for social media branding.

To build and grow a formidable brand using the social media, you must have a solid and time-tested strategy that won’t just ride on the hype of the platforms but rather offer the longevity needed for the continued sustenance of your business. If you want to get it right and enjoy your piece of the sweet social media pie in your branding, here are the secrets you need to know about your success.

Choose the right platforms

The social media contains all types of audiences who would be interested in the goods or services your business has to offer. It is also important to remember that there are a plethora of such platforms and for successful social media branding it is prudent to concentrate your branding efforts on the ones that will be most beneficial for your business.

The sad news, however, is that there is no direct method of knowing the right platforms for your business unless you try them out to then evaluate their performance. It is thus advisable that you include various platforms in your social media branding strategy then weed the ones that aren’t giving you the results you want so that you can concentrate your efforts on those bringing good results.

Consistent visual branding

After settling on the platform you have decided that is brining in the best result for your business, the next step in your social media branding strategy is to create a visual branding coherence across all the networks you have chosen. It implies that you should use the same visual branding materials in your posts, profile pictures and everything else you share with your followers.

It is important to do it this way because most of your followers will have accounts in more than one profile and you don’t want to confuse them by presenting them with different visual identities. They should be able to recognize your brand in Facebook in the same way they recognized it in Twitter.

Still on visual branding, people use the social media for interacting with others. The kind of visual content you share should thus be of good quality and have the ability to create engagement with the target audience. This is the only to keep them hooked and have a greater awareness of your brand. If you ignore this social media branding strategy, you will have very slim chances of succeeding in social media branding.

Exemplary customer services

There are many companies currently using the social media for offering support to their clients. Unlike emails, the social media platforms provide a means of getting real-time responses via their chart capabilities. To benefit from this for your social media branding, you must offer exemplar support to your fans and customers in the social media.

Remember, when someone makes an inquiry via the social media, they are expecting prompt responses; otherwise, they would have just a support ticket. Therefore, make it your ambition to respond to your customers and fans in the shortest time possible so that they know that a real person is at the other end of the screen and not just some robot making and updating posts.

Post regularly

The other secret to succeeding with social media branding is to make regular posts. This is not telling you that you should spam your follower because they will simply leave you. However, you need to make informative posts on a reasonable regular basis. The posts should aim at creating engagement besides helping your audience with solutions to some of their most pressing needs.

Connect with other influences in your field

Connecting with influencers is another secret to having a winning social media branding strategy. Influencer marketing will give you the ability to piggyback off the fans that some of your industry leaders already have. Because the influencers already have the trust of their followers, when you interact with them and let them give some references back to your products of the page, this will have a lot of weight in the sense that your brand will get exposed to the fans of the leading guys in your industry. This is not to mention the number of followers you are likely to get back in the process.

Finally, know that there is no right or wrong way in doing any of the above. It will take a lot of testing, time and patience to strike the right balance in your social media branding but you have to keep in trying.

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