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Killer Tips for a Modern Logo

Killer Tips for a Modern Logo

Modern logo design is one of the styles that many designers are keen on adopting in the present times. It is a slight shift in a design aimed at making logos adapt to the demands of modern design, without necessarily following any particular trend and while maintaining their effectiveness. Being a new approach, however, the concept of modernism is still not clear to many logo designers, especially the newbie who are just starting to get their hands wet with graphic design.

Whether or not you decide to use the modernism approach in logo design, you must ensure that the design maintains all the factors of an effective logo which includes everlastingness, flexibility, memorable and simplicity. If, however, you are sharp on being an expert in creating a contemporary logo, here are some killer tips to help you go along.

Think Future

When designing a modern logo, you should focus on the everlastingness of the design. As much as you are designing a logo to be used in the present times, you need to think about the future and consider all the practical ways in which the client is likely to use the logo. You should ask yourself if the logo will have the flexibility to be used in newsprint, online, large formats or enhanced on cloths.

Also, check if the logo will be changeable enough to be displayed on various devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Adopting such an angle in your thinking will give you the ability to create a logo that won’t only suit the needs of the business in the present times but also make room for future changes depending on the needs of the client.

Balance between contemporary logo fonts and historic logo fonts

One great aspect that determines the overall success of a contemporary logo is the choice of fonts. For the best results, it is highly recommended that you balance between contemporary and historic fonts. These fonts don’t appear playful and fancy as some of the modern fonts. They illustrate the authentic meaning of design when the industry was still in its infancy stages. They are also associated with exclusivity and nobility hence making it possible for them to be used in a more modern way.

For instance, you can try manipulating the scale and the spacing of the characters and see the various effects it has depended on the particular fonts you chose. Additionally, you can overlay the traditional fonts with some rational modern shapes when designing a modern logo so that you strike a balance between the old and the new.

Integrate traditional symbols

The other killer tip for creating a contemporary logo is the intelligent use of traditional symbols. An ingenious way of doing so would be to try and connect the design to a company that existed a long time ago. In this manner, you will create a sense of historical perspective in the modernism logo as well as a deeper level of symbolism which will make the logo not just unique but also memorable.

For you to achieve this, however, it will be imperative that you take adequate time for thorough research on the ancient symbols. The aim here is not to be a copycat but to achieve a deeper level of symbolism in the design of the modern logo.

Simplicity in the design

With every design project you work on, whether or not its a contemporary logo, simplicity will always prevail. Complicated logo designs are not just difficult to execute, but also, they never help the businesses in their branding needs. While creating a modern logo, therefore, you must strive to achieve simplicity by using fewer elements in the design. A common trend being adopted by designers working on these kinds of logos is to use a lot of negative space to improve legibility and also to help in directing the viewer’s eyes to the core elements of the design.

With contemporary logo design, there is always a tendency image-based, full-color graphics. You should, however, be very careful when working with such kinds of graphic for these logos. This is because in addition to driving up your printing costs, they won’t translate well into single colors such as black and white and this will make the design lose its versatility. Always remember to keep the design as simple as possible and only include the items that you feel are necessary.

No monotony in modern logo design

A good logo should be timeless. Take a look at Nike, BMW, Apple, etc. and you will understand this fact. When designing a contemporary logo, you must avoid monotony at all costs. For instance, when the logo is placed on the website, it should be able to stand alone and act as a powerful identifier, rather than depend on the website for exposure.

This calls for the proper use of colors so that the logo will blend well with the colors of the website and remain appealing to the eyes of the viewers. Such coherence is necessary to stop the logo from appearing monotonous, which might, in turn, trigger negative emotions and make people shy away from the brand.

Use these tips consistently and you will soon become a pro in creating a modern logo.

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