5 Important Questions to Ask Clients Before Logo Design

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5 important questions to ask clients before logo design

Listen! Listen! Listen!

Listening is one of the most important elements of creating successful logo designs for your clients. In order to make sure that you can produce great work for a business it’s very important that you take the time to gather all of the information nd answers for some important questions to ask clients before logo design that you need to produce a successful logo design. Asking the right questions up front can save you countless hours of revision as well as make sure that your client gets a high converting logo that speaks directly to their target market.

Why did you create your business?

Asking a business owner why they are in business and how their organization formed can be a particularly important answer because it can help you to understand their vision and their corporate culture. Getting to the heart of what a business owner wants out of their business and why the company exists will help you to generate some quality logo ideas to help you build an image that will express why the company is in business from a visual perspective.

With your current resources what does your brand focus on?

If a business is just starting to expand it can be really difficult to create a focus for a particular brand. A good way to design a logo is to design it based off of the current specifications of a business. Organizations will often have a number of different goals for expansion but if a brand has an unfocused business direction it can lead to an extremely complicated logo that makes it difficult to showcase what the company does to fill a customer’s needs. Getting to the root of what a company owner wants their Brand to focus on can help you to identify various elements that you can focus on for the creation of the logo. To help a business owner to better communicate their needs for this question you could have them list down their top five goals and then rank each of the goals based off of the chance of achieving it with their current resources in the next year. By finding out the top goals of an utmost importance that are achievable you can focus in on the elements that will make up the current branding of the company.

What makes your company unique to your largest customers?

Large customers in any company have the option to turn to competitors in order to gain new advantages. Most companies will often have a number of large clients that keep them in business and help them to continue expanding. Thinking on the types of important strategic benefits that a company can actually provide for large clieat every designer should be asking their clients before even starting a designnts and their most loyal clients can help a company order to start understanding their target audiences and the various focal points and advantages that their service or company can offer to that target market. Answering how well an organization can meet the needs of its clients and with what resources will help you to define what makes a company unique. Understanding the unique selling point of a company can help you to add it into the branding.

Who is your target market?

Many early companies will often respond that everyone is their target market and that they are trying to target the widest possible net of people with their branding. The truth is that not everyone will love the logo that you come up with and although a company may want their branding to appeal to a wide audience it’s important that you focus in on some of the most loyal customers that the company has had thus far. By allowing the client to focus in on some of their most valuable customers and the demographics that they fall within its possible that you can start to understand the target market that you are preparing branding for. Overall, the logo and branding that you create should appeal to the target market mostly. A common rule in business that you may have heard is that 20% of a clients customers often contribute to 80% of their business. Marketing the branding to this 20% will ensure a steady stream of loyal clients through the branding that you create.

What is the big picture for your logo, branding & design?

Asking the client about some big picture concepts further logo can help you to gauge roughly the type of style that they are looking for. Think about the current business environment, their competitors, cultural trends, technology trends and new design solutions for a logo design. If you can consider all of these influences and bring them into a discussion about the big picture style for a logo or the places your client wants to use their logo you can start to picture your designs and how they will be effective for your client.

Keep these questions in mind and make sure that you avoid common logo design mistakes by reading through our Logo design mistake tips blog.

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