7 Famous Pink Logo Designs

7 Famous Pink Logo Designs

Pink is a color with hues of red and white. It’s is considered one of the colors loved by ladies and therefore there it is  generally thought of as a feminine color. Other than being considered a feminine color, pink is also largely associated with romance, childhood and kindness. Brands with a pink logo are considered to be some of the best brand logos in the world.

Due to the impression it has on the society, most of these brands deal with feminine, romantic, or children related products. Here we take a look at some examples of a famous pink logo. Other than the color, we explore additional design elements that make the logos great in general.

Barbie logo design

The Barbie logo is one of the sweetest logos you will ever see. Being a fashion doll company, Barbie chose the color pink to associate with their audiences which is largely made up of little girls. The logo design is the logotype style with a feminine font to complement the feminine color of the design.

Cosmopolitan Logo Design

Cosmopolitan is one of the most popular female magazines in the world. It talks about all matters having to do with females including love, health, fitness, and female celebrities. With this kind of orientation towards the females, it makes perfect sense to have a pink logo for their branding purposes and this has worked like charm for them.

Haier Logo Design

Haier is a Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliance. Until it’s rebranding in 2013, the company used to have a very cute pink logo. But due to the redesign, the current logo has maintained all the aspects but has changed the color from pink to blue. At first, the logo might have been designed to appeal to the female customers who make the bulk of buyers for consumer electronics. The blue logo now appears more corporate and appeals to both male and female customers.

Johnson & Johnson Logo Design

Johnson & Johnson is a renowned manufacturer of baby products. In the packages of their products, you will not miss seeing the pink logo featuring a cute smiling baby. The color pink is more appropriate for use in such products because they are mainly purchased by ladies and the color also has a touch of warmth and tenderness associated with the love and care that mothers have for their babies. The other notable feature in this pink logo is the choice of font. The font is not only feminine but has everything to show that it was designed to appeal to the babies as well.

LG Logo Design

LG has the color pink as the overpowering color in its logo. Even amidst the revisions that the logo has undergone, it has never lost the warm color of pink. Being a manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances, the pink logo was a strategic choice for the company so that it could appeal to mostly to the female buyers. In addition to the choice of colors, the LG logo also uses hidden symbols to pass a subconscious message to the consumers. A closer look at the logo will reveal that the two letters, LG, have been written in way that they form a smiling face. This was to indicate the warmth that customers would get in the products purchased from LG.

Pink Studios Logo Design

Pink Studio is another demonstration of the power of the color pink with regards to the design of pink logos. The logo is simple, uncluttered but most of all, it is able to connect with the target audiences of Pink Studios. To the uninformed, Pink Studios deals with a wide range of female beauty products and it therefore makes sense for the company to have settled on the choice of the color pink for their logo.

Baskin Robbins Logo Design

Baskin Robbins logo is not an entirely pink logo but the use of pink in the logo is very creative and makes it very distinct. This is another example of a pink logo with hidden meanings and symbols in the design. If you look closely at the logo, you will notice that the letter B and R are designed in a way that they make the number 31. This is the total number of flavors of ice cream that the company offers. The only part of the logo that is pink is the 31, but it still comes out distinctively for everyone to notice.

There are other famous pink logos, but these makes it to the list of the very best one.

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