How to Create a Logo For LinkedIn

Designing a logo may sound simple, but to the professional who is keen on growing their practice or taking their businesses to the next level of growth, then it means the whole world. LinkedIn is a social networking site synonymous with professionals and businesses seeking to grow their networks for more growth.

A LinkedIn logo therefore, demands serous considerations and should not be designed with the concepts or the mentalities adopted when creating the other types of logos. If you are interested in creating a killer LinkedIn logo to separate your practice or profession from the millions that are already flocked in the site, the following is how you ought to do it right-:

Being unique is not an option

For stellar LinkedIn logo results, being unique is not an option, but rather the only option. There are millions of people and businesses in LinkedIn, all keen on establishing connections with either likeminded individuals, businesses or the right target audiences. By its very nature therefore, the only way to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by potential partners is to have a unique logo to distinguish your LinkedIn business or personal page from the rest. It is important to take your time and do adequate research so that when you finally decide to create the logo, you will be certain it is absolutely unique and there are no chances of finding similar ones in LinkedIn or anywhere else in the internet.

Understand your brand

For the most part of it, LinkedIn is all about branding and networking. You are either branding your business or yourself with the nature of products or services you provide. Unless you have a good comprehension of what your brand is all about, creating an effective LinkedIn logo may forever be a mirage. Once you have known the brand, it becomes a breeze to play around with other design elements such as symbols, fonts, colors amongst others in the creation of the logo. Therefore, be sure to know what your brand is and what it stands so that you create relevant logo that will vibrate well with your potential networks within the social media website.

Use the Psychology of color to your advantage

Color in LinkedIn logo design is not just to appeal to the eyes and make people marvel at your profile or business page. Wrong use of color in a professional social media site like LinkedIn can bring nuisance to your message and instead of attracting potential networks, they will be running away.

For you to get it right with the appropriate colors for your logo, a good understanding of the color psychology is important. This is nothing but simply how the mind perceives different colors and the kind of meaning it attaches to them. Essentially, the choice of color should be dictated by the kind of emotional responses you want to evoke or convey to those who will be seeing the logo. Below is a quick breakdown of the color psychology so that that you know which colors to choose and for what purposes-:

  • Yellow – inventive, sunny, optimism
  • Purple – royalty, wise, evocative, spiritual
  • Green – growth, instructional, organic
  • White – clean, pure, simple
  • Brown – historical, rural, steady
  • Red – sexy, energetic, bold
  • Blue – professional, tranquil, trustworthy, medical
  • Black – credible, powerful

Simple and Flexible

While branding in LinkedIn, it pays to maintain simplicity and flexibility just as you would do when creating a logo for any other offline business. Your LinkedIn logo should have the simplicity to make it memorable in the minds of as many people as possible, and it also imperative for it to be flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs of your profession or business.

The last thing you want is to have a logo that will look outdated and annoyingly deprecated after using it for just a couple of months. To gauge the level of simplicity desired for your LinkedIn logo, browse some of the top performing professionals or businesses in your industry and see what they are doing right with their logos.

Consider using the services of professional designers

With the advent of the internet and a superfluity of free online logo design tools, temptation to create your LinkedIn logo without professional input might be endearing. If you are a professional graphics designer, then such an attempt may be allowed. But if your profession is something else and you are in LinkedIn to make networks and get business, then it is highly recommended you hire professional logo designers to create the logo for you.

Professional designers have the skills and the experience needed to transform your inspiration into a design and create a functional logo that will meet your branding needs in LinkedIn. Additionally, they are well aware of the current trends and the best approaches guaranteed to give you great results in your specific niche.

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