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If you are keen on establishing your clothing line, then creating a logo is one of those important marketing and branding decisions you will have to make. In the fashion industry, image is everything and the more you are able to stand out, the higher your chances of becoming successful. The logo will be the face of your clothing label or brand hence, it will be the first thing that people will set their eyes on whenever they come into contact with your business. Luckily for you, there are successful clothing brands with impeccable logos which you could borrow an idea or two from so that you don’t get it wrong with your clothing label logo. Below are some of the tips derived from the top performing clothing labels in the world, and which you could apply when creating a logo for your label.

The logo must be recognizable, regardless of the size

For a successful clothing label logo, it must be designed in a manner that it will still remain recognizable irrespective of the size. This is because logos are placed in different kinds of mediums such as billboards, stationery, including online platforms such like mobile applications and websites. It is thus imperative to have a logo which will be easily scaled up or down to suit the required sizes without it losing its qualities.

Consider black and white

A look into most of the successful clothing label logos will show you that a majority of them are in simple black and white colors. Glaring examples include sportswear manufacturer Adidas, H& M, Louis Vuitton, Emporrio Armani and many others. Working in black and white is not just being minimalist, but it introduces a certain kind of simplicity that makes the logos memorable for many years to come. Besides, when only two colors are used, the effectiveness of the logos are enhanced, since there will be no colors to distract the attention of the viewers.

Consider using negative space

The use of negative space is a very powerful concept in logo design. Negative space may be used to pass across hidden meaning or messages in the logos, thus increasing their effectiveness in branding. Besides, the application of negative space in logo creation has always led to the creation of timeless logos with the ability to retain their charm many years after the design.

Display your values

Since your clothing label logo will be the first point of contact between you and your potential clients, it needs to convince them about your ability to provide them with the quality products they are searching for. This may depend on your choice of colors as per the color psychology as well as the logotype you choose to work with. If your marketing message is strong enough to convince them that you are the real deal, then it will be easy for them to trust you and start buying your products.

Consider different formats

Just as with sizes, the logo should be available in different formats to allow for effective branding across various medium. As a clothing label, it is likely that you will desire to brand various items such as business stationery, some of the clothes, umbrellas, the packaging bags etc. You may also decide to revamp your branding by using billboards, television ads, websites etc. A good logo should be in formats that will allow its rendition in all the possible branding platforms for the business.

Hire a designer

Unless you are a professional graphics designer with the skills and experience needed to create top performing logos, you should never consider creating a clothing label logo on your own or by using the numerous free logo creation tools available on the internet. You should have in mind that the fashion industry is such a competitive one, where companies are spending millions of dollars in branding and marketing. It will thus be a good thing for you to use the services of skilled designers to create the clothing label for you. Besides, the clothing label logo will be the most important branding tool your business will ever have, hence, its creation should never be taken lightly.

Consider Geometric shapes as the basis of your logo

If you look at the logos of the top clothing labels, you will notice that they are based on geometric shapes, with the most common ones being rectangles, squares, triangles and circles. For instance, Louis Vuitton, Adidas, and Armani all exhibit some sort of geometric shapes in their designs. The use of geometry in such designs leads to accuracy and coherence between the various logo elements.

Protect your design

Great endings usually have humble beginnings. Once you’ve had your logo created, it is important to protect at all costs. This is because it may not be apparent to you the kind of reception the world will accord your clothing label. When that happens, you don’t want someone claiming copyrights over your logo. Hence, remember to secure the trademark and copyrights in good time.

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